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Title: Havoc 9
Post by: Christian Kincaid on January 30, 2020, 02:14:47 pm
Location: Yakima SunDome in Yakima, Washington
January 31, 2020

Paid Attendance: 3,197

The show opens with Christian in the ring talking about My Bloody Valentina two weeks from tonight on Splat Media’s streaming service. He also discusse how after that event, he’s bringing back the tournament that started it all: OP Tournament 4.

”Wild Fox” Ceithre Brennan vs. Max Ironside

With Becca Raze barred from ringside after multiple interferences in the past, the fans were treated to a very fast paced match with Ceithre and Max. The redhead started early by trying to take Max to the mat, and keeping him there. She looked to work on his left knee, and was having some success early in the match, even attempting a couple submissions. But max proved to be just as wily as he found escapes and came back with a competent striking game of his own. He and Brennan traded a few near falls until he was able to put the match away with his corkscrew elbow drop for the win.

Winner: Max Ironside by pinfall at 14:41

Christian announced after the match that Max and Becca would meet at the supershow in OW’s first ever steel cage match.

~ ~ ~

Leah vs. Becca Raze

Becca was as dangerous as ever, and tried to jump Leah on her way to the ring. But Leah was too smart for that, she’d seen it happen enough times before. The fight started in the aisle with the two trading shots all around ringside as the referee tried to get them in the ring. It was almost five minutes before that happened, and the brawl continued. Virtually no holds were exchanged, only strikes with feet, fists, and elbows. Becca never went for a pinfall or submission once, it was a pure brawl. Leah gave as good as she got though as the fight spilled to the floor again. With Leah in control, Becca grabbed the ring bell and walloped her with it before the match was called.

Winner: Leah by disqualification at 9:19

She was about to continue the assault as Max came back, this time returning the favor from the last show as he and Becca went at it around the ring. It took a couple minutes to separate them before Max helped Leah up and raised her hand. Leah implored Becca to come back if she still wanted to fight.

~ ~ ~

Chance Kennedy vs. Diamond Caldwell

In a rematch from the third OP Tournament, Diamond went straight after the #1 contender to the Havoc title. She brought the fight to chance, and used every part of the ring in the process. From shots into the turnbuckle, rope chokes and even trying to smother her against the corner, Diamond was determined not to fail again. But it all came back to bite her when Chance began her come back, showing Diamond she could fight fire with fire. She tried to ground and pound Diamond, targeting her lower back with much of her offense. The two did exchange near falls a few times, but Diamond loaded something into her knee pad and caught Chance with a knee strike to the head. Her 450 splash didn’t make much of a difference as Chance was still out when it landed and she got the cover.

Winner: Diamond Caldwell by pinfall at 16:34

Christian announced that it would be Diamond Caldwell and Jana Rikar meeting at my Bloody Valentine for a shot at the OverPowered Championship. And that it would be 45 minute Ironwoman match, where whoever got the most falls gets the title shot.

~ ~ ~

15 Minute Intermission

~ ~ ~

Keegan Ryan & Jessica Jones vs. Morgain Reid & Summer

Morgan and Summer showed a lot of continuity for not having teamed together before, and went to work early isolating Jessica in their corner. With their multitude of strikes and quick tags, they kept her rocked early in the match. Summer would finally take over, and start going for covers. But Jessica didn’t stay down long, and finally began to take advantage after a missed spinning backfist. Jones worked over the redhead, and then tagged in Keegan who continued the job. He did a lot of talking as he assaulted Summer, primarily aiming for headshots. It wasn’t until he missed a leg drop that Summer got to tag Morgan back in. And she went ballistic as she took Keegan down and pounded on him relentlessly. She’d endured months of him and Jessica, and finally had enough. He came back a couple times, but she seemed to turn the tide each time. She headed for the top rope as Keegan pulled the referee to him, only for Jessica to crash a chair across her back to send her to the mat. The champion followed up with his curb stomp to seal the win as Jessica stopped Summer from making the save.

Winner: Keegan Ryan & Jessica Jones by pinfall at 19:21

It was then announced that Chance Kennedy would challenge Keegan for the Havoc title at My Bloody Valentine. And that Summer and Jessica would meet to determine the number one contender to it that night as well.

~ ~ ~

CJ Cross vs. “Lioness” Elizabeth Lannister
First Blood Match for an OverPowered Championship Shot at My Bloody Valentine

There was no loveloss here after everything Elizabeth had put CJ through. They both went toe to toe with each other, trying to bust the other open. Elizabeth got the upper hand early, and tried to scrub CJ’s face against the mat. That didn’t work, and then she used the sole of her boot to try cut his head. CJ came back though, connecting with a flurry of kicks and strikes to the head. As he did this, Kyle (Elizabeth’s manager) took off the top turnbuckle. CJ spotted him doing it, and went to grab him until a low blow from the “Lioness” gave her a chance to recover. She worked over his head with more strikes, and went to use the exposed corner. But CJ blocked it, and started firing back. The two exchanged shots again before Elizabeth tried for the corner once again. She went to drive his face into it, but CJ blocked it with his foot and reversed with a stun gun that saw her head hit the corner on the way down. The dazed “Lioness” was starry-eyed as Kyle removed a tube of Vaseline he tried to rub across her forehead to stop the bleeding. But the referee saw it, and awarded CJ the match.

Winner: CJ Cross at 24:38

~ ~ ~

CJ was announced to challenge Laura at My Bloody Valentine for the OverPowered Championship, and the “Lioness” was seething as she stared up at him while her manager tended to her wound.

Havoc’s supershow tenth edition, My Bloody Valentine,  returns to the Veterans Memorial Coliseum in Portland, Oregon on February 14th! Follow @WhatsUpCK for more news!