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Title: Havoc 8
Post by: Christian Kincaid on January 16, 2020, 12:49:07 pm
Location: ShoWare Center in Kent, Washington
January 17, 2020

Paid Attendance: 2,557

The show opens with Christian in the ring talking about how tonight’s show will have major implications as it relates to the next supershow on Valentine’s Day. He also thanks the crowd for attending.

Morgan Reid vs. Summer

The crowd was split down the middle for these two fan favorites, and both of them showed one another a lot of respect in the opening moments. It was a little more grappling than the fans had seen from these two to a point, trying to match holds. But it wasn’t long before the speed picked up, and the strikes were coming at a fast clip. Summer scored several near falls, but had trouble putting Morgan away. Reid showed an indomitable spirit though, and started rallying back in the latter half of the match. She picked up a couple near falls before a missed roundhouse kick turned her into Summer’s flash kick for the pinfall.

Winner: Summer WARRIOR PRINCESS by pinfall at 12:22

~ ~ ~

Leah vs. Max Ironside

Just like the first match, the crowd was pretty split for this one. This was Max’s first match back since the brawl from last year, and he came at Leah like he never had a day off. The two exchanged strikes early, and Leah showed some strategy when she worked on Max’s left knee for part of the match to try to ground him. It worked for a little while until an enzugiri turned the tide. And despite having little use for one arm, Max was an offensive blur with every other appendage. The pair exchanged a couple near falls, but it all ended with Max’s reverse Russian leg sweep for the win.

Winner: Max Ironside by pinfall at 14:32

He was then blindsided when Becca Raze darted over the barricade from the crowd, and started wearing him out with a chain. She wrapped it around her fist, and started pummeling him before Leah pulled her off and started firing back at her. Leah got the chain away from her before security pulled the suspended Becca out of the ring kicking and screaming. A trainer went to help Max as Leah stood guard, looking down at the chain in her hand that Becca left behind.

~ ~ ~

Piper Whitlock vs. Keegan Ryan

It was non-title tonight, but that didn’t stop Piper from competing just as hard as she always did. Keegan taunted her a little too much after he got to the ring, and Piper brought the fight to him. As strong as she was, Piper didn’t show much difficulty at all in throwing Keegan around. A series of rolling German suplexes wore him down, and allowed her to work her ground and pound style. Two near falls came of it before Keegan countered a corner splash with a boot across her jaw. The headshots started from that point as he continuously looked for knockout shots and quick covers to secure the win. None of them seemed to work though. The tide swung back and forth until Piper caught him in her Savage Slam to pick up the upset win!

Winner: Piper Whitlock by pinfall at 19:14

The celebration was short-lived when Jessica jumped the brunette from behind, clobbering across the back with a chair from under the ring. Piper tried to fight her off, but when Keegan got involved, it was just too much and the Havoc Champion used a curb stomp of her head into the chair. They were about to continue before Chance Kennedy and security with the trainers got to the ring to help her.

~ ~ ~

15 Minute Intermission

~ ~ ~

”The Lioness” Elizabeth Lannister vs. CJ Cross

After their last meeting two weeks ago, CJ was more than fired up. But Elizabeth didn’t come out at first. Her manager appeared at the top of the ramp, stating that she wasn’t ready just yet and to be patient. This didn’t work well for the crowd or for CJ. The referee got irritated with it too, and told her manager Lannister had till a count of 10 to get out there. The count began before Elizabeth finally arrived. She slid into the ring at 7 and asked for a microphone. The ring announcer gave his, and she got into CJ’s face about to speak…. before clubbing him in the head with it. Multiple shots landed, driving him to the canvas and busting him open in the process. The referee got on her case after she pulled the mike away with Elizabeth telling her to ring the bell. The official asked CJ if he wanted to continue, and he gave a woozy nod. The bell sounded, and Elizabeth immediately went for the opening on his forehead with repeated shots and trying to make the wound open wider. CJ’s blood began to stain parts of the mat, not to mention covering his face as Elizabeth went for quick falls trying to end it quickly to get the title shot. CJ would come back multiple times, showing a fighting spirit. But it’d only follow up with her making the wound worse. He still managed to catch her a few times, but was having trouble seeing as it looked like he was setting up for his finisher. The referee stopped the match when she was concerned CJ had lost too much blood. He protested this as a medic attended to his bleeding head.

Winner: Elizabeth Lannister by referee stoppage at 14:59

This brought Christian out as CJ pleaded his case. Christian told him he’d book a rematch next show, and it’d be “first blood” with the winner going onto the Valentine’s Day show to challenge the OverPowered Champion.

~ ~ ~

”Lady Time Bomb” Jana Rikar vs. Laura Perelli (c)

Laura looked prepared and ready to go in the ring as the announcer introduced Jana, but the Time Bomb didn’t come out. She was introduced again, still no arrival. A camera was dispatched backstage to see the blond handcuffed to a door handle as Diamond Caldwell was pounding on her. She told Jana she kept it in the back like she asked, and was happy to replace her tonight. Caldwell came to the ring and didn’t wait for the bell before she took the fight to Laura. The referee called for the bell since it didn’t appear Jana was going to make it, and the fight was officially on for the OverPowered Championship. Caldwell was a whirlwind of offense as she attacked the champion, and tried to remove a turnbuckle pad. But as she was doing that, Laura recovered and came back with a vengeance. It was a bonanza of suplexes that followed that, including a buckle bomb that nearly sealed the win for Laura. But Caldwell continued to fight back. Her shots landed heavily, and Laura withstood a brunt of them until she found an opening to start working on her back and neck again. The fight rolled on as Diamond connected her with corkscrew neckbreaker. As she was about to make the cover, that’s when a pissed off Jana Rikar hit the ring and took her down with a Thesz press to start unloading on her. The crowd loved it, Laura did not. The bell sounded as Perelli pulled the blonde up, and got shoved backwards by Jana who wanted to go after Diamond again. Laura did not take well to that, and ended up fighting with Jana as well. Diamond managed to slip away as the two brawled with a grin on her face until the referee finally broke up Laura and Jana. A split screen showed the expression of all three as the show closed: anger from Laura and Jana, Diamond with a cheshire grin.

Winner: Diamond Caldwell by disqualification at 28:38

~ ~ ~

Havoc 9 returns to Yakima, Washington at the SunDome on January 31st! Follow @WhatsUpCK for more news!