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Havoc #7 - The Fateful Five
« on: January 03, 2020, 02:05:52 pm »

Location: Stockton Arena in Stockton, California
January 3, 2020

Paid Attendance: 3,055

The show opens with Christian in the ring explaining how the Fateful Five will work tonight. He says each of the five will come to the ring, pull a name out of a tumbler at ringside to reveal their opponent. If it’s a champion, their title is on the line. He thanks the biggest crowd OW has had so far for being here, and heads to the back.

The Fateful Five

Morgan Reid vs. ? ? ? ?

After getting to the ring, Morgan drew a very familiar name to her before Jessica Jones came out. Jones looked very confident, thanks to her current winning streak. Reid wasted no time in going right after her. Morgan showed a lot more aggression than usual, and took the blonde down early, aiming for her head as the primary target. She went for a couple pins, but Jones proved to be too slippery for that. The tide turned after an eye rake from Jessica, and she began trying to humiliate Morgan with rubbing her face into the mat and slapping her across the back of her head amidst her offense. But putting her away was a little more difficult. And it was Morgan’s “Double Tap” that seized the pinfall victory for her.

Winner: Morgan Reid by pinfall at 9:42

~ ~ ~

Piper Whitlock vs. ? ? ? ? ?

Piper came to Stockton ready for a fight, and after drawing her opponent’s name, that’s exactly what she got when Becca Raze came to the ring. Still pissed about her last match, Becca was even more violent than previously seen as she went for the jugular on Piper right out of the gate. You’d have thought it was no holds barred with as often as the referee threatened to disqualify Becca for rule breaks. But Piper showed she can give as good as she gets, and reversed an Irish whip into a spinebuster to turn the tide. Her power game came into play as she muscled Becca around the ring with a variety of suplexes. Becca would try to mount a comeback more than once, but Piper managed to seal the deal with her “Blackpool Tower” to secure the pin. The Graptor celebrated and left, and Becca recovered before assaulting the referee. She pounded the official down, and drove her head first through a table she set up into a DDT. Security and medical staff came to help, and Kincaid announced she was suspended till further notice.

Winner: Piper Whitlock by pinfall at 14:14

~ ~ ~

Chance Kennedy vs. ? ? ? ? ?

Chance looked ready for competition as she got to the ring, and took a deep breath before reaching into the tumbler to draw her opponent’s name. It turned out to be one of OW’s newer talents in the form of Anna Cortez. The triplet shook hands with Chance, and the match began. It was a technical match for the most part with Anna managing to ground Chance early, using some of her mat-based offense. She went for several pin attempts, but didn’t have Chance worn down enough to get past a two count. Kennedy was able to turn the tide, and mount a comeback though. She tried picking up the pace with some well-placed strikes, causing her to catch Anna off guard in a couple instance and almost get the pin. But Anna continued to persevere, and the tide would swing back and forth more than once until Chance managed to land her “CKO” for the pin and the win. The blonde shook Anna’s hand and helped her up.

Winner: Chance Kennedy by pinfall at 17:22

While still a little dazed, Anna began to hear the crowd cheering for her. It took her by surprise as she looked around the fans chanting her name as well as applauding both her and Chance on their match.

~ ~ ~

15 Minute Intermission

~ ~ ~

”The Lioness” Elizabeth Lannister vs. ? ? ? ? ?

The cocky “Lioness” Arrived to the ring, and took her time about selecting her opponent to irritate the crowd a little more. She walked around the ring, cracking her knuckles and stretched out all the while everyone was waiting for her to draw a name out of the tumbler. When she finally drew a name, it turned out to be CJ Cross. And it looked like he was as tired of having to wait as the fans were when he took it to Elizabeth as soon as the bell rang. He overwhelmed her with his speedy offense, keeping her off balance in the early going. With his #1 ranking on the line, he wasted zero time in trying to secure the win repeatedly. An attempted hurricanrana turned the tide though when she countered into a sitout powerbomb. Lannister took over from there after getting herself together. She went right to work on his arm, trying to soften him up for her favorite submission. She worked over his left arm and shoulder for some time, but couldn’t find a way to get him to tap out. CJ would come back though, and begin using his good arm to throw strikes and using his feet as well. The fight would spill out to the floor, giving Elizabeth’s manager a chance to try to help her. But even he wasn’t much help. CJ blasted him with a codebreaker, which gave Elizabeth an opening to try to blindside him. Taking exception to what he did, she was even more vicious as they traded blows on the floor till the referee called for the bell.

Winner: Double Countout at 16:59

The fight continued until Elizabeth’s manager was able to pull her away from CJ, who had ultimately rolled back into the ring and encouraged her to join him. The fans were wanting it too, but Lannister backed up the ramp, turned on a dime and huffed towards the back. Christian came out and said the fans would get a rematch, and the winner would receive a shot at the OverPowered Championship.

~ ~ ~

”Lady Time Bomb” Jana Rikar vs. ? ? ? ? ? ?

Jana got a big pop from the crowd when she came to the ring. As she made it to the tumbler, she took a deep breath and put her hand inside to pull out an envelope with a name inside it. As she was opening it, that’s when Diamond Caldwell came to the ring. Jana dropped the name on the floor, and the referee called for the bell to start the match. Jana tried to tell him something before Diamond took the initiative and went straight for her. Diamond was a whirlwind of offense, even using her hair to whip Jana when she got her down. She spent the opening moments of the match using that speed to keep Jana down. A missed splash off the top rope gave Jana an opening, and the blonde started fighting back with a vengeance. The crowd ate it up as Jana unleashed a torrent of strikes with a ferocity they hadn’t seen before. Her trademark heart punch nearly got her a three, but Diamond wouldn’t stay down. Head shots followed that, including her flipping reverse DDT. But still, Diamond kept in the match. Jana glanced down to the name on the floor, shaking her head and getting madder as Diamond was getting up again. The two started trading again as the official went to see what the name on the paper was ringside. As the two continued to brawl, the referee stopped the match and announced Diamond was NOT the opponent she was supposed to face. The fight continued though as the two women rained right hands on one another. Security poured out of the back to separate them. Jana broke through them though, and the fight began again. Once more, they were pulled apart as Jana was pulled out to the floor. Christian came down to try to calm things down, as Jana told him to look at the name on the paper and that Diamond ruined her chance.

Winner: No Contest at 22:32

Christian took the name from the referee, and saw it wasn’t Diamond at all that Jana drew to face tonight. The camera looked over Christian's shoulder to see the name Jana had drawn as the show went off the air.

Laura Perelli

~ ~ ~

Havoc 8 comes to Kent, Washington at the ShoWare Center on January 17th! Follow @WhatsUpCK for more news!
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