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Havoc #6
« on: December 20, 2019, 10:21:55 pm »

Location: Reno Events Center in Reno, Nevada
December 20, 2019

Paid Attendance: 2,334

The show opens with Christian thanking the fans who have supported OW in 2019, and promises there are big plans coming in 2020. He teases something called the Fateful Five on the next show in Stockton, California on the 3rd of January..

Bethany Driver vs. Laura Perelli
Winner Picks Match Type In Main Event

Even though they had met before in a triple threat, it was clear both women had learned a lot from the experience and seemed to be ready for a lot of what the other had in store. As Laura went for her usual ground-based game, Bethany spent the opening moments trying to avoid that entirely. She would use her striking game to keep Laura off balance in the early going, picking up more than a couple near falls. Laura, conversely, could feel when those DDTs were coming, and managed to avoid them for the most part. She also countered one that gave her control in the match, allowing her to bring Driver down and use more of her technical skills. She tried to put her out with her sleeper signature, but Bethany ended up countering out of that. But the champion was very much groggy due to how long she spent in the hold, and ended up falling victim to her bridging leg hook belly to back suplex for the win.

Winner: Laura Perelli by pinfall at 15:22

Laura chose a submission rules match in the main event for the OverPowered Championship later tonight.

Silvia Khan vs. Leah

The fans saw a new fire in Leah that they hadn’t seen much of so far in OW. She brought the fight straight to Silva, overwhelming her early with her striking game. Silvia bailed out to the floor to break up the momentum, and Leah went right after her to get it back in the ring. Khan caught her coming in, and started pounding on her head and back as she tried to get up. A few suplexes worked her over well before Khan tried for the cover, only getting a two count for her troubles. She argued with the referee about the count, giving Leah a chance to drop her with a reverse DDT. And before Khan could get up, Leah nailed her running punt kick to the head for the pin and the win.

Winner: Leah by pinfall at 7:44

”Wild Fox” Ceithre Brennan vs. Jessica Jones

After her last win, Jessica was feeling much more confident heading into the match. She gained control early, and started toying with Brennan. That proved to be a big mistake though, as the “Wild Fox” surprised her with a jawbreaker and started unloading on her after that. Ceithre unleashed all manner of kicks on the blonde, knocking her loopy more than once before going for a cover. But Jones didn’t stay down. The tide swung back and forth, each of them hitting one of their signatures and coming close to a win. But it was a victory rolled countered by Jessica before she grabbed the ropes for added leverage that got the blonde the win. The celebration was short-lived though as Ceithre speared Jessica, and started unloading shots into her head. It wasn’t until the Havoc Champion (And Jessica’s boyfriend) intervened before they both started hammering on Brennan. Chance came to the ring to break it up with security behind her, and started firing shots at the champion herself until he and Jessica escaped to the floor.

Winner: Jessica Jones by pinfall at 12:29

~ ~ ~

15 Minute Intermission

~ ~ ~

Becca Raze vs. CJ Cross

The live crowd was decidedly behind CJ as he came to the ring first, and Becca tried the same tactic she had in the past of attacking her opponents from behind. But Cross caught her as she tried to sneak up on him, and the fight began on the floor. The two traded blows, and Becca used a bulldog into the steps to finally get control and rolled him into the ring. When she joined him, the match began from there as she continued her assault. But CJ turned the tide, and started to use his speed advantage on the brawler. He unleashed a torrent of strikes, including a springboard roundhouse that nearly put her down for three. The pressure stayed on until she started biting him. A low blow undetected by the official put her back in control. It was at this time she noticed Max Ironside and his manager, Lukas, sitting ringside watching the show. Lukas gave her a big wave as Max asked her if she wanted to take a selfie together. She started verbally ripping them, which allowed CJ a chance to recover and catch her when she turned around with his enzuigiri finisher for the win

Winner: CJ Cross by pinfall at 19:25

CJ shook hands with Lukas and Ironside after he left, and Raze was beside herself as she came to. She was about to go after the two on the floor, but security restrained her.

~ ~ ~

Keegan Ryan © vs. Chance Kennedy
Havoc Championship

Things picked up from where they left off earlier in the night, and the fight began with throwing hands between the challenger and the champion. Keegan resorted to an eye rake to get the advantage, and he proceeded to keep it as he focused his offense on Chance’s head. He was looking for knockouts almost the entire match, and several near falls only result in him getting two counts. The fans chanted Chance’s name, seemingly inspiring her as she came back and started getting some of the fire she needed to unload on Keegan. She used her striking game to keep him in one corner, unloading with elbows, fists, and a few kicks that finally toppled him. She managed a couple near falls herself, but it didn’t quite pan out to three. This is when Jessica headed down to the ring, and tripped Chance as she was bouncing off the ropes, and gave Keegan the opening to take control again. Ceithre returned to the ring this time, and went after Jessica to even the odds. The two resumed their fight ringside as the title match raged in the ring. Chance was on the mat recovering when Keegan went out to help his girlfriend for a moment. Jessica threw some powder in Ceithre’s face to blind her, and Brennan started swinging on both of them. She caught Keegan with a glancing blow. This caused the referee to DQ Chance, who confronted Ceithre on the floor. Brennan clocked her till she got her vision cleared, and realized what happened. Chance and Ceithre stared at one another, and Keegana nd Jessica seemed to egg them on to fight before the two tore into the champion and his girlfriend until security broke things up.

Winner: Keegan Ryan by DQ at 20:13

Bethany Driver © vs. Laura Perelli
Submission Rules for the OverPowered Championship

Bethany came out even more fired up from the earlier match with something to prove, and ended up dominating the early moments of the match as she brought the fight to Laura. The challenger had to weather the storm as Bethany’s focus seemed to be on Laura’s arm. She worked the shoulder and her left arm with impunity until a missed clothesline gave Laura the opening she needed to catch her as she turned with a cutter. Perelli gathered herself, and started getting back to what she did best: ground and punish. It began with her tilt-a-whirl headscissor armbar, and things started clicking from there. She tried a rear naked choke, but Driver escaped that. Bethany caught her with a palm thrust to the throat to stop her, and went back to work on her arm before applying her cross armbreaker. Laura seemed close to tapping until she finally stretched her foot across the bottom rope. Driver dragged her back to the center of the ring to go for it again, but Laura didn’t allow it. The challenger got back to her feet, and was whipped into the corner. Bethany went for a running shoulder tackle, but Perelli moved and she hit the post instead. She dragged the champion back to the center, delivered a single arm DDT and applied her Rings of Saturn submission. The champion tried to pull them towards the ropes, but Laura wasn’t allowing it. And finally after more than a minute in the hold, Bethany tapped out.

Winner: NEW OVERPOWERED CHAMPION Laura Perelli by submission at 27:19

Laura claimed the OverPowered Championship, raising it over her head after the referee awarded it to her and both women got an ovation from the crowd to close the show.

~ ~ ~

Havoc comes to Stockton, California at the Stockton Arena  on January 3rd! Follow @WhatsUpCK for more news!

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