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Havoc #4
« on: November 22, 2019, 10:08:16 pm »

Location: McCarthey Athletic Center in Spokane, Washington
November 22, 2019

Paid Attendance: 2,188

The show opens with Christian telling everyone how the next show in 2 weeks is gonna be OW’s first major event show, called Havoc Unleashed. And that tonight will make many of the decisions on what that card will look like.

Ceithre Brennan vs. Leah

The fans were split down the middle with Ceithre and Leah, as they both came out and gave everything they had in them. While Ceithre tried to make it a bit more technical, Leah was relying on her strikes. Both women exchanged near falls, and it was Leah who scored the pinfall at the end. She shook Ceithre’s hand out of respect afterwards.

Winner: Leah by pinfall at 11:29

~ ~ ~

Becca Raze vs. Chance Kennedy

After how things went on the last show, Chance looked more focused than ever before. Becca didn’t even let her get down the ramp before attacking her. The pair brawled around ringside before the match FINALLY got into the ring. Becca didn’t show much interest in trying to win by pin or submission, she was content to do damage and try to injure Chance throughout the match. But the blonde was a lot tougher than she realized, and fought back valiantly. The fight spilled back to the outside again, with Becca clobbering Chance with a chair to the back. The referee called for the bell as Becca called out Max, who wasn’t even in the arena. Chance pulled herself together and went after her again, causing them both to fight up the aisle and to the back before security could intervene.

Winner: Chance Kennedy by disqualification at 13:44

~ ~ ~

Morgan Reid vs. Diamond Caldwell

Morgan barely waited for the bell to ring before she went straight at Diamond, taking her down and pummeling her with shots. Caldwell weathered the storm for a few minutes as Morgan unleashed all her anger on her. It was a mistimed bicycle kick from Reid that opened the door for Diamond to take advantage. That’s when the kicks came into play as Caldwell used her feet to her advantage, catching Morgan repeatedly with shots to the head and body. She tried to put her away more than once, but Morgan continued to fight back. Morgan went for a Stinger splash, but Caldwell boosted her up instead and she connected with the ring post instead. Diamond quickly yanked her down into a rollup for the win.

Winner: Diamond Caldwell by pinfall at 11:39

The referee checked on Morgan, who was bleeding where she hit but seemed to be okay but disoriented. She went to the back under her own power, and looked as though she got angry seeing her own blood.

~ ~ ~

Christian invites Anna Cortez to the ring with him, and tells her tonight is the night she finally gets to find out who signed her open contract. Anna looked eager to find out as Alessandra Esposito made her first appearance since the previous OP Tournaments. Christian announced that they would meet on the Havoc Unleashed event in 2 weeks. A staredown followed before the show took an intermission for the fans.

~ ~ ~

15 Minute Intermission

~ ~ ~

Piper Whitlock vs. Jessica Jones

Jessica came prepared, but she was overwhelmed early by Piper’s power. The “Graptor” showed no quarter as she threw Jones around the ring. She fired her into turnbuckles with velocity, slammed her multiple times and essentially mauled her until Jessica went out to the floor to catch a breather. But Piper wasn’t about giving breathers. She took off towards her, but got surprised by a drop toe hold that sent her head first into the steps. Jessica bounced her head off those steps more than once as she was being warned by the referee, and got Piper back into the ring. She tried to pin her, but Piper wouldn’t stay down. She kept coming back again and again. When Jones went for her reverse STO, Piper countered out of it with a headbutt to her face. And with a rolling fireman’s carry senton as the follow up, Piper picked up the fall.

Winner: Piper Whitlock by pinfall at 12:59

~ ~ ~

Summer vs. Keegan Ryan

With a potential Havoc title shot on the line for Summer, she took the fight immediately to Keegan. It overwhelmed him at first, but he began to get the upper hand with the use of his power advantage. Most of his offense seemed at her head with a multitude of DDT variants and piledrivers, all designed to go for the cover. Summer didn’t stay down though, and rallied the fans behind her as she fought back. A double knee facebreaker almost got her the win, except for Keegan’s foot getting across the bottom rope. She looked like she was about to go for her flash kick, but Ryan pulled the referee in his way to catch it instead. As Summer checked on the official, Keegan punted between the legs and followed up with his curb stomp. When the official came around, he made the cover and the count.

Winner: Keegan Ryan by pinfall at 19:32

~ ~ ~

Laura Perelli vs. CJ Cross

Laura had a bit of a chip on her shoulder going into this match with the way things went two weeks ago. On the flip side, CJ was feeling pretty confident. The fans were again split down the middle as this match turned into speed versus technique. Laura took control early, working over Cross’ left arm and trying to bring him down to the mat. Her go-to seemed to be a Fujiwara armbar, but CJ managed to pull them to the ropes each time she went for the submission. He came back, and began to keep her off balance using his speed and aerial tactics. He got a near more than once, especially after a top rope frankensteiner that many could have sworn got the three, though the referee said it was two. The match switched back to Laura’s favor not too long after that, with her continuing to try to do more damage to the arm. CJ once again managed to get away from her, heading out to the floor to regroup. Laura didn’t let him linger, and went out to get him back into the ring. She went for another armbar before CJ countered by quickly rolling her up before she could get free.

Winner: CJ Cross by pinfall at 32:44

CJ got his hand raised in victory, while the crowd started booing at the sight of Elizabeth Lannister at the top of the ramp. She rolled her eyes when she locked eyes with CJ, but seemed extremely amused at Laura. The brunette rolled out to the floor, and headed up the ramp to “discuss” her amusement before she disappeared to the back. CJ stood tall in the ring, and let the fans know he was ready for Bethany in 2 weeks.

~ ~ ~

Havoc Unleashed comes to Portland, Oregon at the Veterans Memorial Coliseum on December 6th! Follow @WhatsUpCK for more news!

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