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Havoc #3
« on: November 08, 2019, 09:48:42 pm »

Location: Icardo Center in Bakersfield, California
November 8, 2019

Paid Attendance: 2,114

The show opens with Christian announcing once again that no managers will be allowed at ringside tonight for any matches. He also talks about how much the support for OW means to him and his roster, and a plug for the merch available in the lobby.

Anna Cortez vs. Silvia Khan

After the last show’s attack, Anna came into the match very focused and went straight after Silvia with a vengeance. Khan, trying to employ her striking game, had her moments where she caught Anna, and nearly pinned her a couple times. But it wasn’t meant to be as Anna continued to fight back, and sealed the deal on her victory with her corkscrew Araiban press for the pin. Christiancongratulated her & told her that he’d reveal the person who signed her open contract next show.

Winner: Anna Cortez by pinfall at 10:49

Ceithre Brennan vs. Jacqueline King

There was a fair bit more respect shown in this match as Ceithre and Jacqueline shook hands to start things off. It was clear that Jacqueline was improving from her last match, and managed to surprise Ceithre early on with her offense. But Brennan showed her veteran chops, and rode out the storm. She took control about five minutes into the match, and kept Jacqueline grounded. The two went hold for hold until Ceithre nailed her flip piledriver to pick up another win for herself.

Winner: Ceithre Brennan by pinfall at 9:12

Summer vs. Leah

In the battle of the Warrior Princess and the War Goddess, it was a striker’s paradise. Both Summer and Leah went looking for knockout shots most of the match. Leah used her feet very well, and nearly caught Summer on a pin after a disaster kick. But Summer persevered, and fought back to take the advantage from Leah. They traded near falls back and forth before Summer caught her with her flash kick for the pin and the win.

Winner: Summer by pinfall at 11: 31

~ ~ ~

10 Minute Intermission

~ ~ ~

Chance Kennedy vs. Opponent TBA

After getting to the ring, Christian informed Chance that she had 3 possible opponents tonight and was going to let the fans make the decision as to who. He called out the name of Diamond Caldwell, which got boos. He called out the name of Becca Raze, which also got boos. He then called out Max Ironside, who had the crowd totally behind him. So Max headed to the ring, and shook hands with Chance. After Christian left, the bell rang and the two put on one hell of a show. It was fast paced, and both of them came close more than once to putting the match away. Max kept Chance off balance with his offense for part of it, while Chance showed an excellent grasp of counter wrestling. However, the match didn’t get to finish as Becca hit the ring and went after Max. This time, she had a pipe in her hand and started unloading on him. Chance disarmed her, and was about to use it on her before she got pulled out of the ring by security. Kennedy helped Max to his feet, and it was clear he was not happy about this at all.

Winner: Max Ironside by DQ at 13:14

~ ~ ~

Jessica Jones & Keegan Ryan vs. Morgan Reid & Piper Whitlock

Christian reminded the fans of the stipulations for the match before the bell rang. Piper and Morgan went right after both Keegan and Jessica as soon as the bell rang. It was a brawl all around the ring until the referee managed to get control of things. THen it began with Morgan and Jessica, and it was clear to see that Morgan was still fired up. She overwhelmed Jessica early before the blonde turned the tide with an eye rake. She took control from there until Reid made the tag to Piper. And the Graptor showed her power as she began throwing Jessica around like a rag doll at times. The blonde fought back and finally made the tag to keegan, which seemed to be the pairing Piper wanted. The two went toe to toe, trading blows and leaving nothing back for a good part of the match. They also exchanged near falls more than once too. In the end as Piper was going for her finisher, Diamond Caldwell hit the ring and started throwing chained right hands. She caught Piper and then Morgan as the trio beat on Morgan and Piper. It was clear a new faction had formed in OW. And as Keegan was about to get a chair, that’s when it was interrupted by Summer darting back to the ring. With a fair fight in front of them, the new faction headed to the floor as Keegan showed the three women in the ring his title.

Winner: Morgan Reid & PIper Whitlock by DQ at 15:04

Jana Rikar vs. CJ Cross

With no time limit between them, the battle was on. They showed each other a lot of respect with a handshake. The match began with a feeling out process between them, both being very tentative and not wanting to make an early mistake. As a result, it was more of a technical clinic with Jana working holds and using a strategy of trying to ground CJ by working on his left knee. A series of knee bars and similar submissions kept Cross grounded and the pace of the match slow. Cross would find an opening, and countered out of an attempted figure four. With one good leg, he started fighting back and keeping Jana on the back foot. A lot of his favorite moves were rendered mute though, thanks to his knee. Each time he went for one of his kicks, it hurt him almost as much as it did Jana. More than once, he caught a good strike but the pain in his leg made getting covers a lot slower than normal. He did get his fair share of two counts though. Despite his better judgment, he did try to go up top but his knee buckled and he fell to the mat. Jana got herself together, and immediately went for another knee bar. But as she leaned down to grab him, CJ surprised her and pulled her into a small package to barely eek out the win.

Winner: CJ Cross by pinfall at 47:14

Christian congratulated him, and promised him the next shot at the OverPowered Championship. The two shook hands, and received a standing ovation from the Bakersfield crowd for their performance.

Triple Threat Elimination Match for the OverPowered Championship

Bethany Driver vs. Laura Perelli vs. “Lioness” Elizabeth Lannister ©

This match began as more of a handicap match for Elizabeth as both Laura and Bethany went straight at her. They cornered her, and proceeded to take out their frustrations on her. It was practically a double team for the first few minutes of the match. That was until Laura went for a cover, and Bethany stopped that. A short face off followed before the two started laying into each, with Laura still being annoyed Bethany got involved in her match previously against the champion. Bethany brought her catalog of DDTs to bear, and proceeded to use many of them with covers to follow on Laura. None of them got more than a two though, and it gave Elizabeth a chance to get her bearings. The champion took over from there, trying to work over Driver’s arm as she was apparently looking for a submission on the brunette.

However, Bethany showed her resolve and refused to quit each time. She managed to find the ropes each time, and weathered the storm. It wasn’t until Elizabeth went for her own DDT finisher that Bethany countered out, and dropped her with her inverted snapmare driver for the cover. A three count later, and Elizabeth was eliminated. Then it was down to Bethany and Laura.

The two went nose to nose again, and the fight began all over with an angry Elizabeth on the outside. Laura resumed where Elizabeth had left off on Bethany’s left arm, slowing the pace of the match to a very methodical one. But just like with Elizabeth, Bethany showed no signs of quitting at all. She gamely came back, and used her right arm to land some strikes to open up some opportunities for her. Laura regained control briefly when she went for a short arm lariat, only for Driver to duck and counter with her slingshot flatliner for the win! The fans gave her quite the pop as she was awarded the title as the new OverPowered Champion.

Winner: Bethany Driver by pinfall at 34:19

~ ~ ~

Havoc comes to Spokane, Washington at the Star Theatre  on November 22nd! Follow @WhatsUpCK for more news!

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