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Havoc #22
« on: July 31, 2020, 12:09:30 pm »

Live from Stockton, California
July 31, 2020

When the show opens, Noah is in the ring looking a little nervous. He’s still not used to all this, but welcomes the viewers to the show. He reminds them that the main event will see the member of the team who gets the pin or submission earning a future OverPowered Championship after Kitty Dark gets hers. He also announces the next supershow is going to be called Power Play. He’s about to make another announcement before he’s interrupted by the power couple themselves. Keegan and Jessica come to the ring, and start bullying him about the things he writes in the newsletter. They back him into a corner as Noah looks terrified for his life until Jessica kicks him between the legs and Keegan drops him with a DDT to enormous booing! As a trainer goes to help him, the first match is introduced.

Aubrey Neilson vs. Marie Laurant

Marie gets nothing but boos from the crowd as the match begins, and tries to irritate Aubrey by asking her to wait while she does some stretching. That doesn’t work very well though, and Aubrey goes right after her anyway. The newcomer starts off strong with fast strikes, and shows off some of her aerial tactics. More than one near fall occurs before Laurant manages to get control. Most of her offense is aimed at Aubrey’s head, and includes knee strikes and various forms of DDTs. None of them get the win though. Neilson regains the advantage and gets the pinfall after hitting her CAKE FACED finisher.

Winner: Aubrey Neilson by pinfall at 8:19

~ ~ ~

Maxine Murphy vs. Damon Xalvador

Damon comes to the ring first, and Maxine is introduced. But she doesn’t come out. The ring announcer calls her again, still doesn’t come out. Finally a camera is sent to the back, and finds her handcuffed to a door handle as a woman with bright pink hair is pounding away on her until security finally arrives. The woman is identified as Nixie Caine, and Damon is shown in the ring laughing. He tells the camera she’s the best roommate ever as trainers free Maxine, who still wants to fight and is even more angry.


~ ~ ~

An interview segment in the ring follows as Max Ironside is introduced to a pop from the crowd. The fans begin a “Welcome Back, Max” chant, which brings a smile to his face. As he’s asked about his injury, he gets interrupted by music before a woman with cotton candy pink hair emerges from the back. She heads towards the ring, and takes the microphone from the interviewer. She lets the fans know her name is Coral Rose, and she does what she pleases. Tonight, that includes taking this time to introduce herself and giving Max a pat on the cheek before offering him the microphone but letting it fall to the mat when he goes to take it. She takes her exit, leaving both the interviewer and Max to look at her, obviously put off by her attitude immediately.

~ ~ ~

”War Queen” Leah vs. Violet Vale - Tables Match

Before the match is even set to begin, Violet tells the crowd that she is competing in this match under protest. And that she shouldn’t even be in the ring with a barbaric woman like Leah. Then she tells her she can have the win, because she’s too good for this. Leah looks out at the crowd just before Violet proves to be a little untrustworthy, and attacks her immediately. She keeps her in the corner as the bell rinds, and tries to pound her down to the mat. Vale immediately rolls out to the floor, and starts setting up a couple tables. And when she comes back into the ring, Leah’s there to greet her with furious right hands. The fans are clearly behind Leah as she pummels the blonde to her knees, and scoops her up to throw her over the top rope through one of the tables. But she fights out of it, and Violet drops behind her with a low blow. Then she tries to toss her to no avail, instead using a facebuster to put her back down. Violet gets another table out from under the ring, and slides it inside. She props it up in the corner, and goes to whip Leah into it, but that gets blocked and the fistfight begins again. They both come close to putting one another through the table in the corner until Leah counters out of a piledriver with an Alabama slam….that sends Violent crashing through the table.

Winner: Leah by pinfall at 12:16

Leah gets her hand raised, and tells the camera Jessica’s next! She also lets Violet know if she ever crosses her path again, she’ll regret it even more.

~ ~ ~

CJ Cross & Laura Perelli vs. Jana Rikar & Elizabeth Lannister

It was clear from the beginning that neither of these teams really trusted one another. Elizabeth started the match with CJ, and they picked up where they left off some weeks ago. It was nothing but strikes at first, with Cross getting the better of them. It wasn’t until he tried to pick up the pace that he fell victim to a drop toe hold that hung him across the middle rope. Elizabeth choked him until Jana made her stop, and she shoved her backwards for doing it. The match returned to the ring, and Elizabeth continued her onslaught, including stepping on his throat. Jana again pulled her off, and she slapped Rikar across the face when she got back to the corner. She also tagged her in, and while Jana was stewing about the slap, CJ recovered and took the fight to her.

The two traded blows, once again with CJ getting the better of the exchange. He tried to keep her in a neutral corner, and work her over with fast kicks and elbows. But Jana showed her technical prowess by bringing him down to the mat and using her submission skills to keep him there. When she snared him into an armbar, Laura broke that up immediately. CJ would regain control seconds later with a facebuster followed by a moonsault. When he went for the cover, Laura broke that up too. The two started bickering, giving Jana time to recover before she used a codebreaker to send him into Laura and them both back into the corner. Laura stepped back out, tagged herself in, and immediately went after Jana.

She managed to bring her down to the mat, and started using a combination of elbow and knee strikes along with a gator roll to wear her down. Rikar managed to get free, and started towards her corner. When she got there, Elizabeth snapped her neck across the top rope and left her when she dropped down off the apron and headed to the back. Laura capitalized on this, and really began working over Jana and going for quick covers. Jana kicked out more than once, now all by herself. It wasn’t until a jawbreaker sent Laura stumbling that Jana got a chance to get back to her feet. A dropkick to the chest sent Laura backwards into her own corner, allowing CJ to come back in. Laura though wasn’t done, and pulled Jana into her swinging fisherman’s hook suplex followed by a cover. CJ used a double stomp to end that, and threw Laura out of the ring before he made the cover and secured the win.

Winner: CJ Cross & Laura Perelli by pinfall at 18:33

The fans gave CJ plenty of adulation as he tried to help Jana up, only for Laura to come back into the ring with a kneelift to his head. When she got him down to the mat, she applied a crossface submission and berated him for stealing her win. Perelli didn’t get much crowd support either as a result. The referee finally made her let go, and she rolled out to the floor. She backed halfway up the ramp, looking back at the ring with the OverPowered Champion watching at the top of the ramp as Havoc faded to black.

~ ~ ~

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