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Havoc #21 - The Fateful Five
« on: July 16, 2020, 01:05:35 pm »

Location: Reno Events Center in Reno, Nevada
July 17, 2020

The show begins with a video package showing some of the highlights from the Gold Rush, including the winners of the number one contender matches as well as both title matches. The final clip shows Keegan becoming the new OverPowered Champion over Laura Perelli before the show goes live in the arena for the opening match of the Fateful 5.

The Fateful Five

Maxine Murphy vs. ? ? ? ?

Maxine comes to the ring with a smile on her face, and makes her drawing before getting into the ring. It’s learned that she drew Marie Laurant. Once the French beauty gets there, the bell rings and she immediately seems dismissive of Maxine right from the start. Having dealt with that against Damon, it only serves to fire her up and she takes the fight immediately to Marie. She works her over in the corner with fast strikes, and tries to win via a quick small package. But Laurant avoids that, and Maxine stays on her. After a few more blows, she sends her into the far corner but misses with a running high knee. Laurant takes over from there, using knee strikes of her own to take Maxine down. Head shot after head shot lands, and she even tries to put her to sleep. But after two near falls, Murphy comes back again and manages to connect with her finisher, TO THE MAX, to seal the win.

Winner: Maxine Murphy by pinfall at 9:14

Damon Xalvador appears on the stage, and tells her if she really wants a match with him again, he’ll agree to it but she has to get down on her knees and beg. Maxine looks around at the crowd before she heads up the ramp to face him. He points to the floor, tells her to beg or it’s no deal. She starts to lower herself….and then takes him out at the leg before applying a straitjacket choke with his arms around his neck. As the big man tries to get his breath, Maxine asks him if she can have her rematch now. He gasps a “yes” before she lets go, causing him to get his wind back and look all kinds of pissed off as the fans chant Maxine’s name.

~ ~ ~

Anna Cortez vs. ? ? ? ? ?

Anna looks very determined as she draws a name from the tumbler. When she gets into the ring, we learn that name is newcomer Alexei Medved. Not being familiar with his work too much, Alexei catches Anna off guard when he offers her a handshake and then jams a thumb in her eye. He takes over from there, showing off a strong striking game with body shots as he tries to break her down. It works for a bit, including a bionic elbow that catches Cortez off guard before he goes for a cover, getting a near fall. He starts working her neck next, and when he tries to piledrive her, that’s when Anna breaks free and shoves him off. He comes forward into a bicycle kick, and Anna starts unloading the offense from there. She shows off some high speed moves the OW fans haven’t seen too much of, and keeps Medved guessing until a straightjacket lungblower seals his fat and she gets the pin.

Winner: Anna Cortez by pinfall at 11:19

~ ~ ~

CJ Cross vs. ? ? ? ? ?

It’s clear early that CJ is a fan favorite by the reaction he gets, and he draws a name. Whoever it is puts a smile on his face before he heads into the ring, waving them to come out. The ring announcer introduces his opponent….Kitty Dark. The new #1 contender strolls towards the ring, and steps through the ropes. As soon as the bell rings, she asks him if he’s still mad about the ladder match. CJ doesn’t offer much of a response verbally, but instead goes straight at her with his fast-paced offense. He overwhelms the veteran at first as he throws hands and feet all at a quick clip, keeping her against the ropes. He tries to keep the pace quick from there, using his speed to keep her off balance. A facebuster leads to a pinfall, but only a two. The tempo stays quickly for a bit longer when he goes up top, and gets caught. Dark shoves his feet out from under him, letting him straddle the top turnbuckle before she pulls him down for a tree of woe. And then Kitty proves to be relentless. She doesn’t let him down despite the referee’s insistence, and lands multiple strikes. When he finally falls, she tries a cover but doesn’t get three. A baseball slide sends him to the floor, and the fight resumes from there. The referee counts them both, but neither seem to be listening. Kitty drives him headfirst into the post though when the referee gets to nine, and slides into the ring. CJ doesn’t make it back in before the ten, and immediately goes to get her before she slips out the other side.

Winner: Kitty Dark by countout at 13:33

She backs up the ramp to keep an eye on him as she taps her forehead, then blows him a kiss. CJ rolls out to to go after her before they disappear backstage.

~ ~ ~

Christian comes to the ring next, and asks for the closing moments of the ladder match to be shown. He tells the fans that the referee’s decision is final, and he won’t open that can of worms by changing it. He also states Kitty is the next challenger for the OverPowered Championship. It’s also stated that he is going to give the other three opponents and one other a chance on the next Havoc to get a shot at the title too in an Unlikely Allies tag team main event. It will be CJ Cross & Laura Perelli against Elizabeth Lannister & Jana Rikar. Whoever scores the win via pinfall or submission for their team will receive a future title shot as well.

~ ~ ~

Jana Rikar vs. ? ? ? ? ?

Jana gets a loud response too from the fans, and draws her name before getting into the ring. Much like CJ, she has a smile on her face as she sees who it is. But it’s for a different reason as Chance Kennedy comes to the ring. The two women shake hands, showing one another a lot of respect before the bell sounds. From there, it turns into what can only be described as a technical classic. Both women exchange holds, jockeying for position in the early going. Chance gets the better of that, and begins using her knees to do some damage and keep Jana down. She scores a couple near falls as she does this, and gets back to work. It’s when she goes for her facebuster finisher that Jana proves to have it scouted. She counters with a jawbreaker, and the tide turns from there. Rikar grounds Chance, and keeps her there. When she goes for a top rope diving front kick, it lands well but she doesn’t and stumbles a little. But the former OP Champion recovers quickly, and continues working over Chance and looking for pins and getting near falls. At one point, they are both down on the mat and get up about the same time before going at each other again. Chance catches her with a backfist and goes for her facebuster again. But Jana again counters into an Alabama slam. She takes off towards the corner, coming off the top as Kennedy gets up with a blockbuster followed by a cover and a pin for the win.

Winner: Jana Rikar by pinfall at 19:21

Jana helps Chance up, telling her what a great opponent she was. Chance gets a standing ovation from the fans and Jana before the pair head for the back together, clearly a friendship forming.

~ ~ ~

Jessica Jones © vs. ? ? ? ? ? ?
For the Havoc Championship

The extremely confident Havoc Champion heads to the ring, telling the fans she doesn’t give a damn who the opponent is. She takes her time about drawing a name out of the tumbler though. She pulls one out, and doesn’t even look at it before handing it to the ring announcer so she can get in the ring and display her title for everyone. The ring announcer calls out Laura Perelli, who has a smirk on her face a mile wide. Jessica tries to jump her as she gets into the ring, but that doesn’t work and Laura immediately starts landing right hands one after another. The bell sounds from there, and Perelli is still unloading with shots. After bouncing her head off the top turnbuckle 10 times, Laura begins a series of rolling vertical suplexes on the champion. The former OP Champion continues working over her back for a little while, and then uses a Boston crab to make it worse. Jessica claws her way to the ropes, and immediately goes to the outside. She looks like she’s leaving until Laura goes to get her, and the fight begins again on the floor. Jones  sent her head first into the barricade, and then started pummeling her with kicks to the body. She finally brought her back into the ring before the ten count, going for the cover and only getting a two. It was clear that Jessica was setting up for her reverse STO with all the shots to the head she was landing. But each time she went for it, it seemed as though Laura felt it coming and countered or escaped it. This was starting to frustrate the new champion until her boyfriend came to the ring. She blew him a kiss, and went back to work on Laura

The offense was fairly short-lived after that though, because Perelli had time to recover. She started hammering Jessica again, using a ganso bomb at one point before going for a cover. Still just a two count was gained. Jessica managed to come back again, using a stunner to send Laura spiraling against the ropes to hang over the middle. As she argued with the referee, Keegan blasted his former opponent with the OverPowered Championship across the face. He quickly moved away before the referee saw anything, and Jessica pulled her into her reverse STO for the cover and the win.

Winner: Jessica Jones by pinfall at 22:25

At that point, both the champions started attacking Laura after the bell. They pounded on her until her tag partner on the next show hit the ring. CJ had a chair with him, and started swinging for both of them until they scattered to the floor. Laura got to her feet with a wary look as CJ told her he wanted to win on the next Havoc but he needs her in good condition to do it. Perelli eyed him cautiously as the new power couple raised their titles over their heads at the top of the ramp to boos when Havoc faded off the air.

~ ~ ~

Havoc 22 visits the Cox Pavilion in Paradise, Nevada  onJuly 31st! Follow @WhatsUpCK for more news!

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