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Havoc #20 - The Gold Rush
« on: July 03, 2020, 01:17:51 pm »

Location: Veterans Memorial Coliseum in Portland, Oregon
July 3, 2020

After a video recap of what led to tonight’s title matches, we open with...not CK in the ring. Instead it’s a young man somewhere in his mid 20s with a Havoc t-shirt on, who introduces himself as Noah. He tells everyone CK was hurt this past weekend at a show, and isn’t able to be here tonight. He seems a little nervous being in front of a live crowd, but tells everyone the show will go on and to let the Gold Rush begin!

Anna Cortez vs. Violet Vale vs. Alessandra Esposito vs. Summer WARRIOR PRINCESS vs. “War Queen” Leah vs. Damon Xalvador
4 Corners Match for the #1 Contendership of the Havoc Championship

The match began with Leah starting, and wanting Violet to do the same. Vale gave her her wish, and the pair circled for a moment. But Vale then tagged out to Summer instead. The redhead gave her a look before she and Leah began the match. It was fairly fast paced with the crowd mostly split between them. Summer took the early advantage, trying to bring Leah down to the mat. But it didn’t last long, as Leah proved to be very well versed in counters and took control after a knee strike to the head. When she went to bounce off the ropes, Violet tagged back in and immediately went to work on Summer. This didn’t sit well with Leah at all. Vale tried to keep her down, but Summer surprised her with a jawbreaker and took control from there.

When the WARRIOR PRINCESS headed for the corner to look for a running knee strike, Damon Xalvador clobbered her from behind with a forearm to the top of her head and tagged himself into the match. Violet escaped his grasp, and tagged in Anna Cortez. The brunette looked up at the big man as she stepped into the ring...and immediately went for his legs to try to bring him down to the mat. But the big man quickly overpowered her. He hammered her repeatedly, trying to punish her and went for a cover. Only a two count though, and Anna caught him as he was trying to get up into a triangle choke. He struggled to get free as she had him tightly hooked, and instead he dragged them both to the ropes. The referee called for a break, and Alessandra slapped his back to tag herself into the match.

Then things picked up where they left off as Alessandra and Anna resumed their rivalry. The action picked up again with them trading momentum. Esposito used her strength advantage the best she could, while Anna relied on her technical skill. They traded near falls for a couple minutes until Leah tagged herself back into the match when Anna was nearby. Esposito was already down, and Leah went to work on her. Her punt kick caught the Latina flush before she went for the cover. But Violet broke it up….until Summer intercepted her with a flying shoulder block. Damon came in next illegally, but heard his name called. He looked to the ramp to see Maxine glaring a hole through him. The referee had lost complete control at this point, and Anna connected with her C-Bomb on Alessandra. Leah threw her out of the ring though, and went for the cover to get the pinfall and the title shot.

Winner: ”War Queen” Leah by pinfall at 22:19

~ ~ ~

Jessica Jones © vs. Chance Kennedy
Cage Match for  the Havoc Championship

The referee had barely gotten the cage door closed to start the match before Chance went right after Jessica as she was stepping through the ropes. And the fight was on after that, with an angry former champion unloading with furious shots. She grounded Jessica quickly, and used a variation of multiple knee strikes to her body. Not interested in pins at this point, she drove her into the cage wall more than once before Jones managed to stop her with a mule kick between the legs.

It took the champion a moment to get her bearings before she went to work with head shots primarily, looking for knockouts. An enzuigiri nearly got her a three count, but it wasn’t meant to be. A few body shots landed as she tried to choke her out with a cobra clutch, but Chance didn’t give up. Instead she managed to break her grip, and start fighting back again. Jones weathered the storm briefly, but a single knee facebreaker put Chance in a pin attempt to regain her title. It was just a two though, and Jessica managed to regain control shortly thereafter. She nailed her reverse STO, but Chance kicked out to her shock. So she removed a pair of handcuffs from her boot and hooked the challenger to the turnbuckle. Chance fought to get free as Jessica stepped out of the door to the floor, escaping the cage to retain her title.

Winner and STILL CHAMPION: Jessica Jones by pinfall at 18:32

~ ~ ~

CJ Cross vs. Kitty Dark vs. Jana Rikar vs. Elizabeth Lannister
Ladder Match for a shot at the OverPowered Championship

The only thing the crowd agreed on for this match was that they were against the “Lioness” the whole time. Beyond that, they were cheering the other three throughout. It began with Ellizabeth going after Kitty at the outset, seeing her perhaps as the biggest threat. That was more technically sound as the pair traded holds, while CJ and Jana went at it too. Their encounter was a bit quicker paced, and showed one another a lot of respect. A facebuster put Jana down long enough for CJ to get himself a ladder, and then he was not shy about using it against everyone. He clotheslined both Kitty and Elizabeth to the outside, and headed up to get the contract. Jana yanked his feet out from under him, trying to work over his knee to keep him from getting up again.

Elizabeth made it back into the ring, and tried to get up the ladder next. But Rikar followed her up on the other side. The two traded shots at the top of the ladder, each one trying to grab the contract till Kitty flipped the ladder over and sent them over the top rope to the floor. Then it was her turn to head up for the contract, but CJ yanked her back to the mat by her feet. They traded blows, with Dark getting the better of him, thanks to a headbutt to the face. A lungblower put him down before she headed up again. By this point, Jana had made it back into the ring and was going up the other side to stop her. Lannister and CJ worked together for the first and likely last time ever as they used dual electric chairs to bring both women down off the ladder to the mat. And the months long rivalry began again as they tore into one another.

She put him down with her DDT finisher, and Lannister went right back up the ladder again. Jana grabbed her feet, and jerked her down, causing her face to hit one of the rungs as she fell. Elizabeth’s manager checked on her, while Jana glanced around to survey the situation. She started to climb, and CJ was heading up on the other side. Another fight at the top of the ladder broke out. Jana unhooked the contract, but CJ had his hand on it too. They fought for control of it till Kitty tipped the ladder sideways. They both fell to the mat, still holding the contract somehow before Dark snatched it away from them to get the win. The referee ruled her the winner, and neither CJ nor Jana looked too happy about it as they stared at her.

Winner: Kitty Dark at 15:51

~ ~ ~

Laura Perelli © vs. Keegan Ryan
For the OverPowered Championship

Keegan’s roughhouse tactics came into play to start the match, but Laura seemed to anticipate them well. She immediately managed to get him down to the mat, and started working over one of his arms. She went for her submission, but Keegan immediately rolled away and got to the floor. Clearly he had done his homework. He tried to draw Laura out after him, but the champion stretched out in the middle of the ring and propped up on an elbow to annoy him. It worked, because he darted back into the ring and the fight began again. Blows were exchanged, and that wasn’t to Laura’s advantage, thanks to Keegan’s power advantage.

He worked her over for a few minutes, managing to keep her in the corner as he hammered her with forearms and knees to the body. He dropped her with a ganso bomb, and nearly got a three count before the champion kicked out. Ryan didn’t stop there, and started to remove one of the turnbuckle covers. When he did, the referee went o put it back. And while the official was doing that, Keegan applied a double handed choke to Laura. She fought to get free, and when the referee finally got the cover attached again and turned around, he let go. Ryan backed up in the corner, measuring for his curb stomp. When he went for it, Laura moved and caught him as he passed into a codebreaker. She immediately went for the cover, and only got two.

As he tried to get upp, she went for her submission finish again. This time, she locked it in. The referee checked if Keegan wanted to stop, but he didn’t so far. He tried to swing his legs around to get to the ropes. And after several seconds, he finally managed it. Laura let the hold go at four and a half. The challenger slowly got back to his feet, and shoved the champion into the referee. The two bumped heads, and allowed Keegan to hit a low blow that dropped Laura to her knees. He quickly went for his curb stomp as the referee was getting his bearings. The official made the count as Keegan hooked both legs and some of Laura’s tights in the process to become the new champion.

Winner and NEW CHAMPION: Keegan Ryan by pinfall at 24:44

Jessica joined her boyfriend in the ring, sharing a lurid kiss before they raised their titles and let the fans know who the new power couple in OverPowered was. Another open-mouthed kiss followed that amid a chorus of boos as the Gold Rush faded off the air.

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