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Havoc #19
« on: June 18, 2020, 12:48:43 pm »

Location: Veterans Memorial Coliseum in Portland, Oregon
June 19, 2020

Christian opens the show by introducing the newest addition to the OW roster, Alexei Medved. He allows him to tell the crowd about himself before the newcomer asks about getting into the ladder match at the Gold Rush. Christian tells him he has to earn those opportunities, and welcomes him. Medved seems to take that under advisement, nodding with a smile as Christian reminds everyone about the Gold Rush in 2 weeks.

Anna Cortez vs. Violet Vale

Violet was her typical arrogant self, and was already talking down Anna as she got to the ring. It was clear she was trying to get under her skin, and it worked because Anna was on her as soon as the bell rang. She overwhelmed Violet at first, laying in shots and finally getting her to the mat. It was when the technical game came into play that Violet began to show some counter wrestling skills. She began to irritate Anna again, getting her off her game and returning things to a striking contest. Violet scored three quick near falls as she tried to catch Anna off guard more than one with repeated rollups. She even went for a small package on the fourth attempt that was reversed and Anna scored the win.

Winner: Anna Cortez by pinfall at 11:29

Violet was not happy at all, glaring daggers into the back of Anna's head.

~ ~ ~

Patience vs. “War Queen” Leah

The ring announcer reminded the viewers that if Leah lost, Patience took her spot in the ladder match at the Gold Rush. Leah was well aware of this, and what turned into a brawl started from there. Very little technical wrestling was had int hsi match, it was a striking contest almost entirely. The two women exchanged control more than once, including when the fight spilled to the outside and Patience tried to use the steps as a weapon. It worked briefly, but when it got back to the ring, Leah came on strong again and sealed the win after delivering her punk kick to secure the win and keep her spot in the ladder match.

Winner: ”War Queen” Leah by pinfall at 13:14

~ ~ ~

Maxine Murphy vs. Damon Xalvador

The ring announcer reminded everyone that the winner of this match would be added to the ladder match at the Gold Rush. Maxine was particularly worked up after the last time they had met, but once more, Damon didn’t seem interested in fighting with her. He took the microphone, telling her she wasn’t worth his time and that he wasn’t going to waste it in the ring with her. Then he called her some rather unkind things before stepping over the top rope to leave. Murphy had enough at that point, and kicked the rope between his legs before pulling him back into the ring to start the match. She unloaded with shots on him, primarily using her feet to try to chop him down to size. Xalvador finally got back to his feet, and used his overwhelming size and power to throw maxine around. He was clearly toying with her, and threw her over the top rope into the barricade. He casually strolled out after her, asking her if she regretted wanting this match yet. He then tossed her over the barricade into the crowd, all the while the referee was counting. He got back in, but Maxine didn’t make it back before ten. Xalvador shook his head, but Maxine wasn’t done fighting yet. She was still furious when she got back to the ring as the big man stepped out to the floor. She took the microphone and demanded he come back and restart the match, but the big man ignored her as he headed towards the back.

Winner: Damon Xalvador by countout at 9:22

Maxine had clearly been pushed too far by the big man, and promised the crowd and everyone watching that Damon was gonna what was coming to the MAX!

~ ~ ~

Kitty Dark vs. CJ Cross

There was a show of respect from both towards one another as the match began. Both of them utilized their specialities with Kitty trying to ground CJ, while he was looking to keep the tempo of the match at high speed. It worked for him at first, especially as he was focusing on her ankle. He attempted to hobble her at first, and that’s when he let his speed game come into play. He struck like lightning several times, coming close to picking up the win more than once. A missed moonsault opened the door for Kitty though, and she began to work over his back and try to keep him grounded. More than one submission was attempted, including a variation of a Muta Lock as well as a couple different surfboard style holds. But Cross continued to find ways out of them, and begin a comeback of his own. Kitty went for her Kiss of Death, but upon going for the leaping knee strike, her ankle gave out because of CJ’s earlier focus on it. He finished her off with his enzuigiri when she was trying to get up for th ewin.

Winner: CJ Cross by pinfall at 17:44

He offered her a handshake after it was over, and Kitty seemed to size him up for a moment. She returned it, and didn’t let go when he went to walk away. She only smiled at him for a moment, leaving him with a curious look.

~ ~ ~

Keegan Ryan vs. Chance Kennedy

Chance came in highly determined as the match started, taking the fight right to Keegan as she tried to overwhelm him with offense. It worked like a charm too as she landed multiple blows with her fists, elbows, and knees. A couple different DDTs kept him down for a  near fall before she went back to work. Her target was the head, and she was looking for knockouts more than once. And her focus was broken when the new Havoc Champion came to ringside to join her boyfriend. Chance caught her with a baseball slide, and started hammering away at her next. She dove back into the ring, but got attacked by Keegan as soon as she did. He bent the rules more than once as he punished her, choking her against the ropes and taking unfair liberties and almost daring the referee to disqualify him. A military press slam to the floor allowed Jessica to take some action herself as he argued with the referee. She went to clobber Chance with the title again, but missed. When Jones turned around, Chance used a bicycle kick to her chest to put her down. When she dove back into the ring, Keegan was waiting on her with a curb stomp. Jones had had enough, and finally joined her boyfriend as they both began to pound her into the mat.

Winner: Chance Kennedy by disqualification at 22:49

They worked her over for a few more seconds until the music of the OverPowered Champion started to play. Keegan started to smile as he rolled out to the floor, facing the ramp and encouraging Laura to try something. The Champion moved halfway down the ramp, and laid the title on the ground between them. She waggled her fingers for him to come take it, giving Chance the opportunity to fight Jesica one on one now. Just as Keegan was making a beeline for the title, Laura took off towards him and the fight started on the floor. Security emerged tos separate all four, while Laura reclaimed her title and Chance managed to get her hands on the Havoc title. She tossed it to Jessica and told her she’d take it back soon enough. And with tensions at a fever pitch, Havoc went off the air.

~ ~ ~

In two weeks, it’s the GOLD RUSH!!!

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