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Havoc #18
« on: June 04, 2020, 04:33:57 pm »

Location: Cox Pavilion in Paradise, Nevada
June 5, 2020

Christian opens the show talking about the next supershow heís calling the Gold Rush, where every match on the card will either be a title match or to determine a shot at a title. He also reminds everyone that the Havoc Championship is on the line tonight, and to be totally fair, heís barring Jessica Jonesí boyfriend from ringside for the match. That gets a pop and the show kicks off from there.

Damon Xalvador vs. Maxine Murphy

When Maxine got to the ring, she looked extremely focused as she warmed up in the corner. Damon came to the ring after that, circling around it as he was introduced. When he got into the ring, he seemed very amused at the plucky Maxine. The bell sounded, and he shook his head before taking the microphone as he left the ring. The referee awarded her the match, but Maxine wasn't going to settle for that before she bolted towards Damon as he was almost backstage. She caught him and went on the attack, forcing him to fight back before he rammed her head into the stage wall. He stepped on her throat, taunting her before security ushered him away.

Winner: Maxine Murphy by forfeit

They then helped Maxine to her feet, and it was obvious quickly by the look on her face that she wasn't done with Damon just yet.

~ ~ ~

Anna Cortez vs. Marie Laurant

Marie seemed more interested in antagonizing the crowd than Anna as the match began. Her shenanigans didnít sit well with Anna, who immediately went after her before the two started trading blows. Laurant got the better of things at the outset, using some underhanded tactics like dragging her face across the top rope to get the upper hand. She started landing hard strikes, and went for a vertical suplex before Anna landed on her feet behind her. Cortez took over from there with a strong technical game. Laurant didnít seem to be expecting that as Anna continued to work her over. Marie regained control briefly until she missed a top rope elbow, allowing Anna to use her corkscrew Arabian press for the pin and the win.

Winner: Anna Cortez by pinfall at 12:22

~ ~ ~

Max Ironside vs. Patience

As has been customary for her, Patience didnít even let Max get to the ring before she jumped him from behind. The fight began in the aisle as she seemed to be targeting his back and neck as she drove him into the barricades, also using the ring apron and steps to do more damage before the match finally made it to the ring. Thatís when it officially began, and Max immediately began to return the favor. Patience seemed like she wanted to go out to the floor again, but Max kept it in the ring and gave Patience all she wanted. His quick strikes kept her off balance before he got her down to the mat, looking to make her tap out as he worked on her arm. But when the referee asked if she wanted to stop, Patience spit on her. The tide went back and forth between them before Patience used a catapult to send Max into the post before jerking him down and rolling up his legs. She put her feet on the ropes as the referee was counting to get the win.

Winner: Patience by pinfall at 19:14

She put the boots to him after it was over, adding insult to injury. But unfortunately for her, Max started fighting back and got the better of her. She quickly escaped to the floor, backing up the ramp and tasted her own blood from a busted lip. That seemed to amuse her as she backed up the ramp, never taking her eyes off Max.

~ ~ ~

Chance Kennedy © vs. Jessica Jones for the Havoc Championship

The ring announcer reminded everyone Keegan was barred from ringside before the two women came to the ring. As soon as the bell ran though, it started out as nothing but a fistfight between them. Chance got the better of that, and showed a fire unlike we had seen too often. She battered Jessica into the corner, and worked her over for a bit until a rake of the eyes got her the advantage. Jones took over, using head shots to go for knockouts. She tried to surprise Chance more than once with quick rollups, none of them working past a two count. The fight spilled to the floor, and Jessica introduced Chance into the barricade head first. She tossed her back in, looking for her finisher but Chance got out of it and started fighting back. The crowd was rallying behind Kennedy as she went for a yakuza kick. But Jessica moved, and she took the referee down instead. Chance knelt to check on her as Jessica used a low blow to put her down.

Jones rolled out to the floor, collecting the Havoc Championship and coming back in to blast Chanceís head with it. She used her reverse STO to send her into the title again before shoving it into the corner before she made the cover. The referee, who hadnít seen any of it, finally came around and crawled over to make the count, netting Jessica the win and the Havoc title.

Winner: Jessica Jones by pinfall at 22:10

Jessica cackled as she was awarded the Havoc Championship by the referee. Keegan headed to the ring to congratulate her before the two started making out to the disgust of the crowd. Havoc faded off the air.

~ ~ ~

One last show before the Gold Rush! And itís in 2 weeks from the Veterans Memorial Coliseum back in Portland, Oregon!

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