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Havoc #17 - The Fateful Five
« on: May 21, 2020, 11:50:46 am »

Location: Stockton Arena in Stockton, California
May 22, 2020

The show begins with an announcement that Jessica Jones will be getting her rematch against Chance Kennedy on the next Havoc, and that the title will be on the line. It then cuts to a short promo from both women before the action begins for tonight’s broadcast in the ring. Christian welcomes the fans back, and tells them how glad he is to see them and how glad the roster is to have people in the crowd again.

The Fateful Five

Leah vs. ? ? ? ?

Leah is overheard by the camera saying she hopes it’s Violet Vale she draws out, but the security won’t let her keep drawing like last time. Instead she draws out Summer’s name. The WARRIOR PRINCESS rushes the ring, and the match begins. It’s clear there’s some mutual respect between them as they begin things with fast strikes. Summer starts to get the better of it though, and gets Leah stuck in the corner. A barrage of shots follow that before the redhead looks for the win. It doesn’t happen, and Leah ends up coming back with nothing but headshots practically to keep Summer off guard. A couple near falls That’s about the time Violet’s music starts playing. Remembering the last show, Leah rolls out to the floor to face the ramp, encouraging her out. Violet, however, comes through the crowd on the other side of the ring and wallops Summer behind Leah’s back. She berates Summer for winning last time, and Leah spins around to go after her. The bell sounds as the “War Queen” chases Violet through the crowd to the back, and Summer gets her hand raised. But she’s not amused at all.

Winner: Summer WARRIOR PRINCESS by DQ at 12:52

~ ~ ~

Anna Cortez vs. ? ? ? ? ?

Anna arrives ready to go, and quickly pulls out a name from the tumbler, only to find it’s the “Lioness” Elizabeth Lannister. As soon as she makes it to the ring, it’s clear who the crowd is behind as she and Anna lock up. At first, Elizabeth manages to assume control of the match and immediately starts working on Anna’s arm for her submission finisher. She keeps Cortez on the backfoot until a mistimed spinning backfist allows Anna to duck and start taking control. She manages to get Elizabeth on the mat, and show her technical wrestling skills. The tide swings back and forth a bit until Anna sets up for her C-Bomb, only to have Lannister’s manager push her off the top rope. Lannister quickly rolls her up with a handful of tights for the pin and the win.

Winner: Elizabeth Lannister by pinfall at 9:41

Anna informs the referee of what went on, but the decision is final. She gives Lannister a stern look, and tells the camera that this will not happen again.

~ ~ ~

Max Ironside vs. ? ? ? ? ?

Max had the crowd cheering as soon as he came to the ring, and drew out the name of….one of the newest additions to Havoc. Marie Laurant came to the ring, seemingly amused by Max. When the bell sounded, Marie looked to dominate. And so she did for the first couple minutes, keeping Max guessing, thanks to her slight speed advantage. But Max’s quickness finally came into play, and he started working on her legs to take her down to the mat. He achieved that, and began using his striking ability to keep him off balance. More than one near fall got him close to the win. She started to come back before she fell victim to his facebreaker knee smash. Max picked up the fall after that.

Winner: Max Ironside by pinfall at 14:33

The night wasn’t over though for Max. Marie left the ring, passing Patience who immediately went towards it. The blonde stood and watched as she handcuffed Max to the ropes with his good arm, and proceeded to use a lead pipe on him. Multiple shots to the body were all she went for, because she wanted to see his expression on each hit. The security team hit the ring, and pulled her out and freed Max. He held his ribs in pain, telling her to come back as he was helped out. Marie gave Patience a golf clap, the two exchanging a stare again just like the last show.

~ ~ ~

15 Minute Intermission

~ ~ ~

CJ Cross vs. ? ? ? ? ?

CJ was all fired up, and ready to go when he got to draw his opponent’s name. It was Alessandra Esposito, and the crowd was quickly split down the middle on who they would cheer. What followed was a classic battle of speed and strength. Despite her stature, Alessandra hit like a truck and was able to keep Cj reeling every time she landed a shot. In particular, she trapped him in the corner for some time and continued to wallop him. She managed two near falls after a pair of DDT variants, but CJ still found a way to come back. When she went for a running knee in the corner, he moved and let her hit it instead. He started firing off those kicks he is known for, and took quick control from there. A top rope elbow drop nearly got him the win, but Esposito rallied back again. The match swung back and forth until Esposito turned into CJ’s superkick finisher and scored him the three count.

Winner: CJ Cross by pinfall at 19:33

He got on the microphone, and told Alessandra how highly he thought of her after that match and raised her hand after helping her up to her feet. That got Esposito even more applause before a commercial for next show’s main event aired.

~ ~ ~

The show cut to the trainer’s room, where Max was getting his ribs checked out. CK went in to check on him, and was told he wanted a match with Patience as soon as possible. Christian told him he’d have it on the next Havoc.

~ ~ ~

Laura Perelli © vs. ? ? ? ? ? ?
For the OverPowered Championship

The ever-confident Laura came to the ring, handing off the OverPowered Championship to the referee before drawing her name. And it turned out to be Jessica Jones. The blonde cackled as she came to the ring, telling the crowd she was going to hold all of Havoc’s titles at this rate. Laura was not impressed, and the fight kicked off. Jones used a thumb to the eye to take the early advantage. Several knee strikes landed too as she tried to go for quick rollups to catch Laura off her game. It didn’t work though, and the match wore on. Laura surprised her with a jawbreaker, and immediately took control from there. She gave a power shrug, and started to work over Jessica’s back. This drew Keegan out to the ring, proving to be a distraction before Laura went back to work on Jessica. Ryan turned out to be more than a nuisance when he hooked Laura’s leg as she was bouncing off the ropes. That made her roll out, and get in his face. Keegan seemed unimpressed, and mocked her before Perelli headbutted him in the face and started throwing hands. Jessica went out to get her, and the fight continued. It managed to get back into the ring, and Laura surprised Jessica with an inside cradle that no one counted as Keegan was tying up the referee with nonsense. Laura finally had enough, and went after him again. The referee demanded Keegan leave the ringside area as Jessica grabbed Laura from behind. That turned out to be a big mistake as Laura countered with a stunner, quickly followed up by her swinging fisherman’s suplex for the pin and the win.

Winner: Laura Perelli by pinfall at 29:25

Perelli grabbed her title as Keegan helped his girlfriend out of the ring. The champ laid it down on the mat and invited Keegan to come take it. But Ryan only laughed at her, and tapped his wrist to let her know he’d do it on his time as Havoc faded off the air.

~ ~ ~

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