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Havoc #16
« on: May 08, 2020, 12:48:26 pm »

Location: Splat! Studios in Los Angeles, California
May 2, 2020

A brief highlight package from the LA Rumble airs before we go into the studio with CK, who thanks everyone who saw the show. He reminds us tonight weíll crown a new #1 contender to the OP Championship, and that the Fateful Five returns next show.

Marie Laurant vs. Max Ironside

The debut of Marie Laurant probably wasnít as smooth as she might have hoped for it to be. Because as soon as the bell rang, she immediately started having trouble with Max. It seemed as though she were taking him lightly at the start till he began showing her his disability didnít hinder him in the slightest. His speed was on point, as were his strikes before he scored two near falls. Laurant had to get to the floor to catch a breath, only for Max to go after her. She caught him on the way back into the ring, and took over from there. Despite being a rookie, Marie showed some great instincts as she tried to keep Max grounded. Patience would head down to the ring next, and pace around it. Marie didnít quite know what to make of her, and kept on the attack. She scored a near fall of her own before a lariat sent him out to the floor. As she argued with the referee, Patience gave Max a DDT ringside. When the referee turned back around to begin the ten count, Max didnít make it back in time. And when the bell rang, she resumed attacking him. Marie didnít care as she got her hand raised by countout until Patience rolled into the ring for her match. Marie watched her for a moment and finally left as Patience wanted her fight to start now!

Winner: Marie Laurant by countout at 9:14

~ ~ ~

Maxine Murphy  vs. Patience

Maxine Murphy headed to the ring next, since Patience was already in the ring. As soon as the bell rang, she jumped the blonde and started taking out her frustrations on the blonde. Maxine tried to weather the storm, and fought back after Patience missed a superkick. Murphy worked her over from there, using quick strikes to keep her off balance. A superplex preceded a cover by the newcomer, but Patience kicked out. Meanwhile on the floor, Max was back to his feet and clearly agitated. When Murphy fired Patience in for the ride, Max grabbed her foot and pulled her out and started laying into her with right hands. Maxine was not amused when the bell sounded. Patience managed to escape Maxís grasp before Murphy got on his case for ruining her match. He apologized, explaining his temper got the better of him but Maxine was still a little miffed.

Winner: Patience by DQ at 14:11

~ ~ ~

Summer WARRIOR PRINCESS vs. Violet Vale

Violet came to the ring first,a nd took the microphone to gloat about her victory over Leah at the LA Rumble. It started to go on too long for Summerís liking, and she hit the ring to start the match. She knocked the microphone out of her hand, and the bell sounded from there. Summerís veteran experience made her very difficult for Violet to handle at first. She even went for her flash kick early, but Vale managed to avoid that and take her out at the knee. The blonde began working that leg over quite a bit, looking for more than one submission. But Summer wasnít known for tapping out, and she wouldnít be doing it tonight either. She made it to the ropes each time, and Violet was getting frustrated and starting to argue with the referee. That was when Leahís music started to play. Vale glanced towards the ramp, saw no one coming and turned into Summerís flash kick before she made the cover for the pin.

Winner: Summer WARRIOR PRINCESS by pinfall at 16:31

Violet sat up on the canvas, looking extremely agitated that Leah had gotten one over on her. She stormed to the back in a huff.

~ ~ ~

Keegan Ryan vs. Jana Rikar vs. CJ Cross

After reminding the viewers that the winner faced Laura for the title, the triple threat began. And as you might expect, Jana and CJ both went to work on Keegan immediately. Youíd have thought it was a handicap match the way they worked him over, and tried to take him out of the equation. The question became who would blink first between the two fan favorites, and that was answered when CJ went for a top rope leg drop before Jana rolled Keegan out of the way. As soon as Cross hit the mat, Jana went to work on him with a running knee to the head. She went for a couple covers, none worked. And as the match wore on, she missed a discus punch and CJ surprised her with an atomic drop. He began firing back on her, using his speed to keep her off balance. He also went for the cover after a leg lariat, but Keegan broke that up. Annoyed at his treatment, he had a chain wrapped around his fst and was using it with impunity since there was no DQ. He blasted both of his opponents with it before his girlfriend brought him a chair to the ring. He doled out spinebusters on it, warping the seat before kicking it back out to the floor. A baseball slide sent Jana out to the floor, where Jessica kept her before Keegan caught CJ with his curb stomp finisher for the win and the next title shot!

Winner: Keegan Ryan by pinfall at 24:22

Jana didnít make it into the ring in time, because of Jessica. And she began firing shots at her as a result. The security team managed to pull them apart as Laura headed out with the title in her hands. She made a beeline for the ring, and immediately got into Keeganís face to remind him of who he was facing. Ryan looked amused and started to grin before looking at the raised title when Havoc faded to black.

~ ~ ~

Weíre back on the road in two weeks on May 22nd for the next edition of Havoc with the return of the Fateful Five!

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