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Havoc #15 - The L.A. Rumble
« on: April 24, 2020, 11:44:21 am »

Location: Splat! Studios in Los Angeles, California
April 24, 2020

Christian greets the viewers watching at home, and tells them he looks forward to having the shows back in front of live audiences as soon as it’s safe for everyone involved. He also thanks them for their support of OverPowered Wrestling before telling everyone the show starts now.

Maxine Murphy vs. Becca Raze

Becca started the match as she usually does, trying to overwhelm Maxine straightaway. But the plucky blonde was ready for her, and didn’t take long in bringing the fight right back to her. She made two near falls during all this before Raze started using illegal tactics and flirting with DQ. When she began arguing with the referee, Murphy delivered her heel kick for the pin and the win.

Winner: Maxine Murphy by pinfall at 8:11

~ ~ ~

Alessandra Esposito vs. Anna Cortez

In a match that was supposed to happen months ago, Alessandra was pleasantly surprised at how clean Anna competed in this match. It was a technically pure match, in which the referee didn’t have to warn anyone at all. Esposito started out in control with her ground and pound offense, looking for an armbar submission at one point. Cortez managed to figure her way out of it, and start bringing a striking game into play to wear Esposito down. She scored two near falls before the closing moments saw Esposito catch her off guard with her inverted stomp facebreaker to pick up the win by pinfall. The pair shook hands afterwards.

Winner: Alessandra Esposito by pinfall at 9:02

~ ~ ~

Max Ironside vs. Patience

After discovering it was Patience behind the Jason mask when Max was attacked, the disabled star took the fight right to her. Patience was caught off guard at first with Max’s ferocity, and he ended up sending her out to the floor with a lariat. She milked the ten count before he went out after her, and she suckered him in with a drop toe hold to the steps. Again and again, she used the steps as a weapon until the referee threatened to DQ her. She finally got back into the ring, and Max did the same as the referee reached an eight count. She went right back to work on him, trying repeatedly to catch a pin on him, but it didn’t seem to work. When she went for German suplex into a bridge, the referee counted just as Max got his shoulder up in time. The bell sounded, and both thought they won. When the referee raised Max’s hand, Patience assaulted him again. She used a chop block to take him down, roll him out of the ring, and use a bulldog into the steps before she finally left him for the trainers.

Winner: Max Ironside by pinfall at 11:20

~ ~ ~

Violet Vale vs. Leah - No DQ

This fight didn’t even start in the ring as Leah went after Violet as she was heading towards the squared circle. The bell sounded anyway, and the match was on. Leah was vicious as she fired the blonde into the barricades and the ring post. She got her hands on a chair to return the favor from their last meeting, only for Violet to escape into the ring. When Leah went in after her, Vale caught her coming in with a knee drop to the back of her head. Violet was dominant, taking the chair and resuming where she had left off from the last time. Leah weathered the assault though, and still fought back. No one had gone for a pin yet, but Leah tried for multiple submissions. Violet managed to escape and remove the top turnbuckle pad, to send Leah face first into it. And that was when she retrieved a pair of handcuffs from her boot, cuffing Leah’s hands and walloping her mercilessly with the chair. She’d pin her, a kick out, and she’d get up and do it again until Leah could no longer defend herself. The referee stopped the match as Leah was still trying to get up. Violet had her hand raised, and Leah stared daggers into her as someone came with the keys to let her out. This wasn’t over clearly.

Winner: Violet Vale by referee stoppage at 11:31

~ ~ ~

Chance Kennedy vs. Jessica Jones - Havoc Championship

Jessica wanted to get this match done early, since she had another match later in the night. And she went for near fall after near fall against Chance, none of them successful. Each shot the challenger went for was aimed at knocking her out cold, and she put Chance on the defensive for the opening half of the match. But the champion fought back, and started landing some stiff kicks that broke Jones down to her knees. She went for her facebuster finisher more than once, even though Jessica seemed to have it scouted. But she didn’t have the small package driver scouted since Chance had never used it in OW, and it got her the win and the retention.

Winner: Chance Kenndy by pinfall at 11:52

~ ~ ~

15 Minute Intermission

~ ~ ~

Kitty Dark vs. Jana Rikar

This match may have been the show stealer for the purists watching as Kitty and Jana had what was possibly the most technically pure match of the night for the majority of it. Jana took the early advantage, and was clearly showing Kitty a lot of respect. She nailed her late father’s heart punch, but Kitty managed to escape before the three. The veteran came back strong as well, showing her striking game to get Jana off balance. A shining wizard really turned the tables before Kitty nailed her Vixen Driver. But it didn’t put Jana away for the three. Rikar would come back again, but that was short-lived when Dark landed her 720 DDT for the pin and the win. The pair shook hands, and Jana told her she was going to need a rubber match at some point.

Winner: Kitty Dark by pinfall at 14:19

~ ~ ~

CJ Cross vs. “The Lioness” Elizabeth Lannister - Steel Cage

In what turned out to be the most bloody match of the show, CJ and Elizabeth went at it like wild animals when the bell rang. They introduced each other to the cage wall, and the steel beams from start to finish, including grating one another’s faces in it. Lannister would get the early lead after she busted CJ open, and tried to widen the cut on his face to make it worse. He returned fire though, showing his speed and quickness. He was having trouble seeing thanks to that cut though. After a superkick put her down, he headed for the cage door, only for her manager to slam it back in his face. Then it was Lannister’s turn to try to leave through the door. Kyle grabbed her hands to pull her out while CJ had her feet. He ended up pulling them both into the ring, and used Kyle as a lawn dart to throw into Lannister. A pair of matching Enzzguiri shots to each of them netted him a pin. Trainers came out to help everyone after it was over.

Winner: CJ Cross by pinfall at 15:22

~ ~ ~

Keegan Ryan vs. Sierra Silver - SPLAT! Multi-Universal Championship

Ryan quickly attacks Sierra from behind before the bell rings and pounds away on her as the referee finally calls for the bell. There’s a scary moment early on when he powerbombs her and she lands right on the back of her neck, but he only gets a one count. As the match progresses, Keegan continues to dominate as he throws her outside, squashes her with a suicide dive and then runs her into the ring post. Back in the ring, he whips her into the corner, she leaps up and springboards off the second turnbuckle into a nearfall with a flying cross body.  Keegan takes back over as he clotheslines her back to the mat. Silver tries to mount a comeback with some weak shots to the midsection, but Ryan just drives a knee to the face for another near fall.

Silver makes a comeback with some flying moves and gets a few near falls with some rollups and sunset flips before she’s cut off again by Ryan. Ryan puts her in the Finish It sharpshooter. Sierra claws and scrapes trying to edge close enough to the ropes to grab them but as she is fingertips away, he drags her back to the center, which allows her small frame to twist in a way that she scoots between his legs and kicks him off. Sierra scoots towards the corner and as Keegan comes after her, she grabs him and pulls him shoulder first through the turnbuckle and into the ringpost. She gets to her feet and nails him with a sling blade.  Silver moves towards the top turnbuckle very slowly and as she’s perched atop, she flies off with a swanton bomb, but Keegan gets his knees up. She rolls over clutching at her back as Ryan pulls himself up by the ring ropes until he’s on his feet. He moves in and goes for another Finish It, but as he leans in, she grabs him and rolls him up for the three count as he kicks wildly with his feet. She releases the hold and slides out of the ring as she’s handed the title and holds it high as her music plays as Keegan slaps the mat in frustration.

Winner: Sierra Silver by pinfall at 19:33

~ ~ ~

Celeste vs. Jessica Jones - #OPT4 Finals

Celeste didn’t even make it to the ring when Jessica, angry about the earlier result, went after her. She pounded her down to the floor with some brawling tactics before sending her headfirst into the steps. She threw her in the ring to start the match, and the angry attack continued. She went for several quick falls, none of which worked befor eCeleste started getting back into the match. The brunette’s speed advantage was sizable as she caught Jessica with many strikes before bringing her down to the mat. That’s when the high risk moves came into play, using the ropes frequently to land blows. Several near falls followed, and Celeste was setting up for her cutter when Jones shoved her away. She caught her by surprise with a reverse STO and a pin to win the tournament.

Winner: Jessica Jones by pinfall at 16:33

Christian presented her with the briefcase full of money at the end, and reminded her she could have her pick of any title match she wanted. She made it very clear as she took the microphone.


She tossed the microphone at him, and left with her briefcase full of money.

~ ~ ~

Laura Perelli vs. Diamond Caldwell - OverPowered Championship

The always cocky Diamond took Laura a little too lightly as the match began, trying to embarrass her and humiliate her. But Laura didn’t take well to that, and immediately started hammering away at her when Diamond offered her a free shot. She ended up taking her up on that offer, and landing quite a few. No shortage of suplex variations followed before Laura tried to put her away. But Diamond showed all that prep time paid off when she started to turn the tide back in her favor, using her hair as a whip to catch Perelli off guard.

The kicking game of the challenger was on full display as well, as she punished Laura enough to bring her down to the mat. From there, it was a top rope elbow drop that landed on target, and Caldwell went for a cover of her own. Laura still found a way to kick out, and that’s when she headed up top for her 450. Unfortunately for her, it missed when Laura rolled out of the way. Laura then proceeded to punish her ribs for a few moments with knee drops and a couple surfboard submission variants. Diamond still managed to escape the holds, but both were worn down at this point. And when Diamond caught her with a high knee, she went for that 450 again. Laura moved again, but Caldwell landed on her feet...only to get snared into Laura’s swinging fisherman suplex for the pin.

Winner: Laura Perelli by pinfall at 24:33
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