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Havoc #14
« on: April 10, 2020, 10:19:44 am »

Location: Splat! Studios in Los Angeles, California
April 10, 2020

The show opens with Christian in the ring, telling the viewers that under the current climate, all future shows were going to be from Splat Studios until further notice. THat includes the next show, which was going to be the third supershow. He also stated that he knew who attacked Max Ironside, and if they didn’t come forward tonight, he would reveal them himself before the show was over.

Alessandra Esposito vs. Violet Vale

Alessandra came to the ring first, ready for her match. But when the music started for Violet, the blonde didn’t show up. The ring announcer called her out again, still nothing. Suddenly we go backstage and find Leah going after her. The pair traded blows at a fast clip until Violet shoved the War Queen into a Coke machine. She tried to put her head through it, cracking the glass on impact. It dropped Leah for a moment, and Violet headed to the ring. She told the referee that she was in no shape to compete. Leah came charging out of the back towards her, and the brawl began again. They were finally separated and taken to the back. Alessandra seemed disappointed until another song hit, and out walked Anna Cortez. She told the Italian that they still had a match. And it was on the supershow.


~ ~ ~

Becca Raze vs. Patience

The usually violent Becca went on the attack with Patience, taking early control of the match as a result. Her unhinged attacks put Patience on the back foot, and she even tried for a couple near falls. But it wasn’t meant to be, and Patience showed she could be just as violent as her opponent. She overwhelmed the wild woman, and took the advantage. She never lost it either, and ended up scoring the win.

Winner: Patience by pinfall at 11:39

Patience’s victory was short-lived though as Christian headed out from the back. He asked her if she had anything to say, to which she didn’t answer. It was then he showed video footage of her walking into the arena a few weeks ago with a hockey mask peeking out of her gear bag, proving she was the one who attacked Max. And that she’d meet him at the supershow in 2 weeks as a result.

~ ~ ~

Chance Kennedy vs. Elizabeth Lannister

The match began with the two women showing their technical skills, and the champion was getting the upper hand. Chance kept the pace quick too, and started to keep Lannister off balance for the opening moments. She even went for a surprise small package to seal the deal, but Lannister didn’t go for it. The “Lioness” would gain the advantage with an eye rake, and immediately start going to work on Chance’s arm. The Havoc Champion was grounded and had her left arm worked over for a few minutes. A knee drop from the middle rope though missed the mark, and gave Chance an opening. That was when Elizabeth’s manager, Kyle, climbed onto the apron. The referee went to stop him as Elizabeth had time to recover, and produced a pair of brass knuckles from her knee pad. She was about to line up a shot before CJ grabbed her hand from the apron to stop her. She went to hit him with the knucks, but he blocked it and clocked her with hem instead. The referee turned back around as Chance surprised her with a crucifix rollup for the pin. Elizabeth was beside herself as Cross hopped down off the apron. Kyle berated the referee telling what CJ did, but the referee ignored him.

Winner: Chance Kennedy by pinfall at 14:17

It was then announced that CJ and Elizabeth would meet one last time at the supershow inside a steel cage to settle their differences once and for all.

~ ~ ~

Keegan Ryan & Jessica Jones vs. Kitty Dark & Jana Rikar

It was clear at the start that Keegan and Jessica were the more polished team, showing good continuity at the outset. They made multiple tags in the early moments after Keegan got the advantage over Jana. They kept her in their corner, and worked her over with shots, prompting Kitty to pace back and forth in the corner. Jessica missed a high knee in the corner after Jana avoided the contact. It gave Rikar the opening she needed, and she started firing back with shots of her own. A flurry of kicks and a spinning backfist put Jones down before Jana made the tag to Kitty. Dark hit the ring in a blur, and started laying into Jessica and even knocking Keegan off the apron too. The veteran was a house afire, aiming a running knee strike for Jones’ head. But she pulled the referee in front of her to take the shot. Kitty cursed audibly, glancing to the fallen referee and then up to an advancing Jessica. The blonde swarmed her with offense as Keegan retrieved a chair from under the ring and slid inside. Jana went to stop him, but he caught her with it in the stomach and then across her back. He laid it on the mat, and Jessica put Kitty’s head over it as he lined up for a curb stomp.

But that didn’t happen as the chair got yanked out of the ring by the visiting Sierra Silver, Keegan’s opponent at the supershow for the Splat title. Ryan went to snatch it from her as Jana caught Jessica with a bicycle kick. Kitty rose behind Keegan, blowing him a kiss before he turned around into an uppercut followed by a mid-air knee strike to the face. Another referee darted down to ringside as Dark made the cover and got the pin.

Winner: Kitty Dark & Jana Rikar by pinfall at 23:19

Sierra shook her head at the downed Keegan, and gave a shrug and smile. The second referee raised Kitty and Jana’s hand in victory. The two women shook hands. And as Jana was about to walk away, Kitty didn’t let her hand go and pulled her back. She told Rikar she’d see her soon and finally let go of her hand before blowing her a kiss with it as Havoc faded to black.

~ ~ ~

Things are at a boiling point, and the third Havoc Supershow is April 24th!!
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