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Havoc #12 - OverPowered
« on: March 13, 2020, 11:35:59 am »

Location: CenturyLink Arena iN Boise, Idaho
March 13, 2020

Paid Attendance: 3,441

The show opens with Christian thanking all the fans for coming out tonight. He discusses how big the OP Tournament has been for those who have won it in the past. It all begins again tonight, and he hypes the crowd up for the main event before kicking the show off.

OverPowered Tournament 4 - First Round

Patience vs. Jessica Jones

The first match of the night begins with an ultra-aggressive Patience taking the fight to Jessica as soon as the bell rings. It’s clear that the brunette is looking to impress as she overwhelms the blonde in the early moments and tries to pick up a couple quick falls without success. Jessica gives herself a timeout when she heads to the floor. Patience goes out to follow her, but regrets that when Jones sends her into the ring post and takes full control from there. The match returns to the ring, and she continues to keep the newcomer down with a solid ground and pound attack. Patience tries to make a come back, but Jessica’s reverse STO gets a pin and sends her to the next round. Meanwhile, Patience looks angry.

Winner: Jessica Jones by pinfall at 11:14

~ ~ ~

”Lioness” Elizabeth Lannister vs. Max Ironside

Elizabeth makes an immediate target of Max’s good arm as the match gets underway, looking to handicap him even further for the rest of the match. It’s clear that she’s setting up for her cross armbreaker finisher, but as the match wears on, Max starts getting encouraged by the crowd. He stages a rally when Elizabeth tries for her submission, and he counters out of it. Ironside unloads with a bevy of quick strikes, taking the “Lioness” down and trying to put her away. But the work on his good arm limited what he could do, and when he went for his springboard fist drop, Lannister’s manager pulled her out of the way. She quickly stacked him up for a cover with both feet on the ropes for an underhanded victory.

Winner: Elizabeth Lannister by pinfall at 12:19

~ ~ ~

Stacey DeVille vs. Kate Vanish

While it had been some time since Kate had been in a ring competitively, she certainly brought the fire with her for her first match back in years. She was looking for knockout shots one after another, given Stacey’s recent schedule and injury. But DeVille managed to avoid a lot of it, being hyper-aware at what Kate was doing. And it was the fact that Stacey didn’t have any ring rust that helped her as she returned fire on Kate, and worked on keeping her grounded as much as possible. The two went back and forth briefly before DeVille nailed her Devile Driver 2 to secure the win and passage into round 2.

Winner: Stacey DeVille by pinfall at 14:39

~ ~ ~

15 Minute Intermission

~ ~ ~

Leah vs. Celeste

The crowd was split down the middle for this match, which seemed to fuel both women. Leah took control early with her quick offense, and tried to keep Celeste down. She attempted to work the leg to help her with that, but Celeste took control after an enzuigiri landed flush. Then the high flyer got her mojo working with a series of high impact and fast paced moves followed by a few near falls as well. Leah fought back though, looking for headshots to go for a quick knockout. With Celeste down, it looked like Leah was aiming to hit her punt kick before Violet Vale headed towards the ring. The blonde casually rolled inside the ring, and waved Leah forward to come get her. The referee tried to restrain her till Violet gave Celeste a DDT to cause the disqualification for Leah. She smiled at an incensed Leah before bolting out of the ring with the “War Queen” in hot pursuit.

Winner: Celeste by disqualification at 18:51

~ ~ ~

A backstage interview was set to take place with Max after what happened earlier until someone blindsided him dressed like Jason Voorhees. It was clearly a woman’s body, but the hockey mask-wearing woman drove him down to the floor and left him laying before security managed to get there. Trainers came to help him as the interviewer couldn’t tell security who was wearing the mask since she didn’t get a close enough look.

~ ~ ~

Keegan Ryan vs. CJ Cross

There was no question who the fans were behind in this match as CJ had the entire crowd behind him. Keegan couldn’t have cared less, and went straight after him as soon as the bell rang. But Cross managed to weather the brief storm and start fighting back. It turned into a slugfest for a few seconds with Ryan getting the better of the exchange. Then he went to work on CJ’s head with strikes and more than a couple DDTs. He was looking to set up his curb stomp, but as soon as he went for it, CJ proved he did his homework and avoided the contact. He got back to his feet, and the fight was on again in another brawl. Cross got the better of the exchange this time though, overwhelming Ryan with strikes until his enzuigiri variant caught him off guard and secured the pinfall win.

Winner: CJ Cross by pinfall at 21:22

~ ~ ~

The next round of the OP Tournament continues on the next Havoc on March 27 when we return to Stockton, California! The main event will feature Leah meeting Violet Vale!

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