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Havoc #13
« on: March 27, 2020, 01:22:32 pm »

Location: Stockton Arena in Stockton, California
March 27, 2020

Christian welcomed everyone to the show, and let them know the investigation was  complete on who attacked Max Ironside as Jason Voorhees on the last show. He adds he knows who attacked Max last show. And if they don't reveal themselves next show, he will.  He also announced the finals of #OPT4 would be at the supershow in a month, along Diamond OR CJ challenging for the OverPowered Championship. It depends on who won their match later tonight.

Maxine Murphy vs. Patience

The match began with an aggressive Patience going after Maxine immediately. She tried to overwhelm her with offense in the corner, pounding the blonde down to the mat. From there, she tried to keep her there, and went for a couple pin attempts in the process. She wasn’t able to keep Maxine down forever, and that’s when those kicks came into play. Murphy fought back, and managed to land her TO THE MAX finish for the pin and the win. And just like her previous match, Patience looked even more angry.

Winner: Maxine Murphy by pinfall at 14:39

~ ~ ~

Diamond Caldwell vs. CJ Cross

With Diamond’s #1 contender spot on the line, she wasn’t leaving anything to chance against CJ. She weathered his early offense, where he used his quick striking abilities to keep her off balance. He garnered a couple near falls until two thumbs in his eyes stopped his progress. Diamond showed her speed was just as lethal as his was, as she landed quick strikes to the head and body. She also tried to put him to sleep, but he managed to shake her free finally. In his dazed state, he went for a flash kick that missed and got his foot caught on the top rope. Caldwell took full advantage with her top rope corkscrew neckbreaker to cement her title shot in a month for the title with a pin.

Winner: Diamond Caldwell by pinfall at 18:51

~ ~ ~
OverPowered Tournament 4 - First Round

Stacey DeVille vs. Jessica Jones

It was clear that the crowd was behind Stacey, but Jessica didn’t care in the slightest. That didn’t stop DeVille from taking it to her right out of the gate, trying to surprise her with multiple quick rollups. All it did was irritate Jones though, and she caught her with an elbow to the mouth to turn the tide. Then Jessica hammered DeVille with shots, seemingly trying to break her nose more than once. But DeVille continued to prove effective, fighting back with knee strikes. A mistimed lariat though sealed her fate when Jessica countered into her reverse STO for the pin and sending her to the finals of #OPT4.

Winner: Jessica Jones by pinfall at 12:23

”Lioness” Elizabeth Lannister vs. Celeste

This was the most heated match of the night to this point as Elizabeth went straight for Celeste. Trying to take advantage of her lack of ring time in recent months. Lannister spent most of the match trying to embarrass her with slaps to the back of her head. It was when she started working on her arm that Celeste showed her that it wasn’t going to work. A spinning backfist knocked the blonde off balance, and Celeste quickly followed up with nothing but speed-based offense. She went for her cutter more than once, but Elizabeth seemed to have it scouted pretty well and managed to avoid it. The brunette nearly put her away with a curb stomp, if it weren’t for Elizabeth’s manager, Kyle, pulling the referee out of the ring. CJ returned to the ring next to even the odds, and Ceelste caught a low blow while the referee wasn’t looking. Lannister nearly scooped the win on a rollup, but that didn’t work either. Celeste managed to kick out. Kyle was up on the apron again, and CJ climbed up and grabbed him by the shirt. Elizabeth went to help her manager before Celeste rolled her up in a schoolgirl pin for the win.

Winner: Celeste by pinfall at 12:19

Celeste beamed with excitement that she was going to the finals before Elizabeth assaulted her all over again. She used her reverse STO to put her down before throwing her out of the ring. She was about to use a pedigree into the steps before CJ darted around the corner and caught her with a flying shoulder tackle. The two started throwing hands again before Kyle pulled his client away, and CJ raised Celeste’s hand to a pop from the crowd.

~ ~ ~

Violet Vale vs. “War Queen” Leah

Leah paced in the ring awaiting her opponent. But when Violet’s music played, she didn’t come out. The ring announcer called her out again, still no Violet. The referee then gave Vale a ten count to come to the ring, which she did through the crowd and jumped Leah from behind. The bell sounded as Violet hammered Leah into the canvas, even spiking her face into the mat a few times. But Leah persevered and started fighting back. The fans were definitely behind her as she unloaded with shots to Violet’s head. A big lariat sent them both to the floor, and the fight didn’t end there. Violet bounced her head off the steps, and started to pull the mat up around the ring. But when she went for a DDT, Leah hooked the bottom rope and let her hit the floor instead. She tried to throw her back inside, but Violet blocked it and ended up bouncing her head off the apron. She went to whip her into the barricade, but Leah reversed it. When Vale’s body hit the wall, Leah went for a spear that sent them both through it. The fans ate it up as Leah mounted her chest to hammer her with more shots when the bell rang.

Winner: Double Countout at 8:22

Christian announced there’d be a No DQ rematch at the supershow. As Leah was listening to him, Violet grabbed a soda from a fan and threw it in her face. She finally got the DDT on the floor she wanted, and then found a chair to wear Leah out with shots all over her body till security broke it up. Violet left the arena, and a slowly rising Leah was seething.

~ ~ ~

It’s one last stop before the next supershow, and we’re heading back to Washington on April  10th!
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