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Havoc #11 - The Fateful Five
« on: February 28, 2020, 11:53:08 am »

Location: Gill Coliseum in Portland, Oregon
February 28, 2020

Paid Attendance: 3,677

The show opens with Christian in the ring telling the fans that the fourth OP Tournament begins on the next Havoc featuring 4 talents from this roster and 4 outside of it. The brackets will be released next week on his Twitter. He also congratulates the new Havoc Champion Chance Kennedy before the tumbler with all the names is rolled out to ringside. Then he says to get the show started as the Fateful Five begins.

The Fateful Five

Leah vs. ? ? ? ?

As soon as Leah gets to the ring, she heads straight for the tumbler but doesn’t stop drawing names before finding the one she wants. The official tries to stop it, but she shoves the name card for the one she wants into the ring announcer’s hand and climbs into the ring. It’s revealed she pulled out the name of Violet Vale, and waves her out to the ring. Violet appears, but she’s in her street clothes and says she didn’t bring her gear with her tonight. So she’ll be declining, which ticks Leah off before she bolts after her. A brawl begins in the aisle before Vale low blows her to get away, causing the newcomer to get nothing but boos as she walks out of the arena. Leah finally gets back to her feet, and is already seething and promises the crowd she’s gonna get her hands on Violet somewhere tonight.


~ ~ ~

Alessandra Esposito vs. ? ? ? ? ?

The fans give Alessandra a warm reception since they hadn’t seen her in a little while. She reaches in and draws out a name, and newcomer Maxine Murphy is selected. The blonde comes to the ring, and shakes hands with Alessandra as a sign of respect. The match begins with Alessandra immediately showing her power advantage as she hammers the newcomer down and tries to keep her there. It works for a few minutes until Maxine counters a neckbreaker with an atomic drop, and starts to show off her skills. Murphy connects with no shortage of variations of kicks, keeping Esposito off balance and nearly catching her more than once with a near fall. The two women exchange momentum until Esposito catches Maxine in her inverted stomp facebreaker for the pin. She helps Maxine to her feet after the match, and gives her some applause before the crowd joins in as well.

Winner: Alessandra Esposito by pinfall at 12:33

~ ~ ~

Becca Raze vs. ? ? ? ? ?

Becca doesn’t care what name she draws, and jerks a name out of the tumbler before throwing it at the ring announcer. Her chosen opponent is the new Havoc Champion! Chance comes to the ring ready to fight, and has her title on the line in the process. Becca seems to grin with glee now knowing the title is on the line, and wages an all out assault on Chance. Her wild and uncontrolled offense stymies the champion at first, and keeps her down on the mat. Raze showed she can control herself as she went for several near falls in a row trying to catch the champion off guard. The tide would turn later when Chance gained control of the match, and began relying on her technical skills to keep the wild woman down on the mat. She did a great job of it as Becca was getting more and more frustrated. It was about this point that Jessica Jones came to the ring, announcing no one was getting a Havoc title shot before she did. She climbed into the ring as Chance got to her feet, not taking her eyes off her. Jones grinned and went to nail Becca before Chance tried to stop her. But that was what Jessica was counting on as she drilled the blonde with a DDT, causing the disqualification. She was quite pleased till Becca got back to her feet, realizing Jessica just cost her a title match and went after her. Jones immediately escaped as an enraged Becca stormed up the ramp. Chance didn’t look too happy either.

Winner: Chance Kennedy by disqualification at 16:12

~ ~ ~

15 Minute Intermission

~ ~ ~

Kitty Dark vs. ? ? ? ? ?

This would be Kitty’s debut, so she got a mixed reaction at first as soon as she made it to the ring. The name she drew? Jana Rikar! Jana got a huge pop from the crowd as she came to the ring, getting a show of respect from them and returning it before the match started. Kitty looked pleased with the random name she chose as the two went at it. It was a technical showcase start to finish practically as the two exchanged holds in the early going. Kitty got the early advantage though, and started looking for knockout shots. She worked over Jana’s head and neck, trying to ground her and even went for a submission or two. But Jana always managed to find the ropes and escape the hold. When Dark went for her Vixen Driver, Rikar had it scouted and broke free of it to counter into a stunner. Then Jana took over, and went to work on the veteran. She kept Kitty off balance and reeling with a blur of offensive strikes. The pair exchanged a few near falls, and Jana caught Kitty with her codebreaker. But amazingly, the veteran got her foot across the bottom rope. Rikar didn’t waste much time as she set up for it again, catching her with a double foot jawbreaker (instead of just the one) and scooped up the win. Rikar got her hand raised, and even Kitty gave her her props after she finally got to her feet. She then asked her to do it again sometime, which Jana agreed to give her the rematch anytime she wanted.

Winner: Jana Rikar by pinfall at 22:31

~ ~ ~

The show cut to the backstage area as Leah had cornered Violet Vale in her locker room, spearing her to the floor and starting to unload with rights and lefts. Violet tried to get her off before security pulled them apart. Vale used them for a shield as she took off out of the building, while Leah was restrained by security. The crowd started changing the War Queen’s name as she wanted to go after Violet.

~ ~ ~

”The Lioness” Elizabeth Lannister vs. ? ? ? ? ? ?

Elizabeth had NO love from the crowd, and was about to draw her name when CJ Cross took off down the ramp before she had the chance. Cross was fired up, and started unloading with rights at ringside while Elizabeth tried to get away from him. Cross didn’t let her though, and threw her into the ring to go after her. Elizabeth caught him coming through the ropes with a kick that sent the middle rop between his legs, and then she took over from there. Her manager handed her spiked glove, which she put on her hand and started laying into his head with it. It cut Cross open, but that didn’t stop him either, only firing him up more. The fight spilled out to the floor, and CJ went after Elizabeth as she went up the steps to get out of the arena. The cameras followed along before they started fighting in the lobby now, with the pair exchanging blows again. Lannister finally made it out the front door of the arena, and bolted towards a car where she and her manager got away. The show closed with an angry bloodied CJ pacing back and forth.


~ ~ ~

Havoc 12 returns to Boise, Idaho at the CenturyLink Arena on March 13th! Follow @WhatsUpCK for more news!

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