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Havoc #10 - My Bloody Valentine
« on: February 13, 2020, 12:23:37 pm »

Location: Veterans Memorial Coliseum in Portland, Oregon
February 14, 2020

Paid Attendance: 7,881


As soon as the show comes on the air, we see a video with "Recorded Earlier Tonight..." on the screen. CJ Cross parks his rental car, and starts to head into the building before he is attacked from behind with a lead pipe to the back of his leg. It takes him down to the pavement as the attacker is a blonde woman who continues to pound on his left leg and knee till security arrives. It was clear that it was Elizabeth Lannister. She takes off towards her own car, leaving the arena as CJ clutches his knee in pain. Christian arrives outside next, asking what happened as medics come to help him. The video ends and we go to an opening video detailing tonight's show.

As the show goes live, Christian is in the ring as he usually is at the start of the show. He says CJ has been asked to wait on his title match but has refused, not wanting to let the fans down. Christian says CJ promised he wasn't going to let Laura get a night off. He then officially announces the fourth OverPowered Tournament, #OPT4. Itíll start in late March with 8 entrants, 4 from his roster and 4 from outside OW. The winner will receive two million dollars and a guaranteed shot at the OverPowered Championship. Entrants will be announced on his Twitter account @WhatsUpCK. He thanks the fans for being here, and says to let the show begin.

Jessica Jones vs. Summer WARRIOR PRINCESS

The cocky Jessica started the match by taking Summer a little too lightly, and paid for it early. Summerís striking game mixed with her spee came into play early, rocking Jones more than once and netting the redhead a couple near falls in the process. As Summer went for her flash kick though, Jessica managed to dodge that and take control from there. She was relentless, swarming Summer in an attempt to keep her on the mat to negate her speed. She scored two near falls before Summer started fighting back, but made one error that led into Jessicaís STO for the pinfall.

Winner: Jessica Jones by pinfall at 11:39

Jessica Jones is now officially the #1 contender to the Havoc Championship.

~ ~ ~

Leah vs. Opponent TBA

Leah was set and ready to go in the ring, waiting to find out who it was going to be that she was facing tonight. Christian came out and introduced Violet Vale, one of the newest additions to the roster. The blonde showed no shortage of aggression against Leah to start the match, trying to overwhelm her with offense and work her over int he corner. That went for a bit before the Portland crowd started getting loud for Leah. The War Queen started fighting back, causing them both to trade near falls before a misstep by Violet led into Leahís punt kick for the win.

Winner: Leah by pinfall at 12:22

After the match was over, Violet offered Leah a handshake. The War Queen looked skeptical about it, but took it before Violet assaulted her again. She rolled her out to the floor and used a piledriver on the steps to make her point before she walked out with her hand raised to boos from the fans.

~ ~ ~

Max Ironside vs. Becca Raze - Steel Cage

In the first ever cage match in OW history, Max and Becca picked right up where their previous fights left off. It was all out war as Becca used a low blow to get the early advantage. She tried to bounce Ironside off every wall of the cage, ultimately causing him to get busted open. But the sight of his own blood seemed to fire him up even more, and he unloaded with a vengeance. Becca tried to absorb most of it, but he broke through her defenses. She also began to bleed after getting her head driven into one of the steel beams that held the cage together. They traded momentum for a bit, but it was Maxís facebreaker knee smash that spelled the end of the night inside the cage.

Winner: Max Ironside by pinfall at 22:11

Medical assistance came to help both women, which Becca started swinging at because she didnít want anyone to touch her. The fans warmly congratulated Max though as he was helped to the back to treat his cut.

~ ~ ~

15 Minute Intermission

~ ~ ~

Keegan Ryan © vs. Chance Kennedy - Havoc Championship

The Portland crowd was solidly behind Chance as soon as she got to the ring. None of that mattered to Keegan though as he tried to jump her before the bell. But Chance was wise to it, and started the match off by pummeling him with rights and a few body shots to go with it. Her offense seemed aimed right for his head, as she looked for knockouts. A missed curb stomp opened the door for Keegan though to come back, and start trying to brawl with Chance. Him being the stronger of the two, it worked like a charm and he managed to punish her for several minutes with hard shots and a couple submissions. The challenger showed no sign of quitting though, and managed to power back after Keeganís second submission attempt. When it looked like he was in trouble, Jessica returned to the ring. Chance sent Keegan into her when she got up on the apron, knocking her and catching Ryan as he turned around with her spinning sitout facebuster for the pin! Jessica didnít make it in time to stop the referee.

Winner: Chance Kennedy by pinfall at 20:46

Chance was awarded the Havoc Championship, which she was overwhelmed with emotion upon winning. The celebration was short-lived though as Jessica assaulted her, using her new title as a weapon to bludgeon her. She held it over her head to boos from the crowd before dropping it onto Chance, whom started to rise moments later none too happy.

~ ~ ~

Diamond Caldwell vs. Jana Rikar
45 Minute Ironwoman Match
Winner Receives OverPowered Championship Match

Nothing but bad blood here, as a very angry Jana brought the fight straight away to Diamond. It started out as a brawl, which Diamond started to win until Jana caught her with a short knee. Instead of pummeling her though, Jana was more interested in making Diamond suffer by going for a crossface early in the match. She held it for a bit as Caldwell made it to the ropes. Jana would break quickly, and drag her back to try to apply another hold. But Diamond used her striking skills to turn the tide back in her favor. At the 15 minute mark, no one had scored a fall yet. But Diamond was still in charge in the ring, Her speed game came into play, showing what kind of stamina she had. Quick strikes and more than a few springboards kept Jana down for multiple near falls, but none of them got the job. 20 minutes elapsed as Diamond was getting ready for her finisher, only to miss and get caught in Janaís codebreaker to give her the first fall of the match.

Winner of Fall One: JANA RIKAR

There was no timeout though, and Jana immediately tried to get a second cover. This time, Diamond got her shoulder up. Jana went back to working submissions, including applying a scissored armbar on Caldwell. But Diamond refused to give jana the satisfaction of quitting. She managed to get her foot under the ropes for the break. Jana headed for the corner, crouching and waving Diamond to get up. When she did, Rikar went for another codebreaker but Diamond stepped to the side and let her crash on the mat instead. Caldwell used a 450 off the ropes immediately to catch the second fall at about the 35 minute mark.

Winner of Fall Two: DIAMOND CALDWELL

With less than ten minutes to go, the match continued with both women struggling to get to their feet. When they did, it was as if they hadnít been fighting at all. With renewed fire, they went at each other all over again. It was a slugfest with Caldwell throwing haymakers to which Jana responded with chops. The two women tore into each other until Diamond used a thumb to the eye to stop the blonde, A jumping cutter nearly sealed the deal for her but Jana got her foot across the bottom rope in time. And it was Diamond who was getting aggravated and a little frustrated. As she did this, Jana made her way to the corner and caught her turning around with a blockbuster that put her ahead by one with just under six minutes to spare.

Winner of Fall Three: JANA RIKAR

Diamond got to her feet with a sense of urgency now, and tried to overwhelm Jana with offense. It worked too as she clubbed her senseless in one corner. A superplex took even more fire out of her. Her top rope corkscrew neckbreaker tied things up with less than 2 minutes to go.

Winner of Fall Four: DIAMOND CALDWELL

Diamond kicked into second gear as the clock started to wind down, immediately looking to put Jana away by heading back up once more. She went up top again for her 450, but got her legs shoved out from under her. Jana pulled out a top rope pedigree to try to end the match, and threw herself across Jana for the cover as the time ran out.


Christian came out, and said a draw wasnít going to work in this case. That the fans deserved a winner and we were now in sudden death overtime. First fall wins! As he said it, Jana barely had time to turn around before Diamond used a low blow between her legs out of the refereeís sight, who was looking at Christian. She made the cover and had both feet on the ropes as the referee counted the final fall.

Winner: DIAMOND CALDWELL at 45:57

Caldwell celebrated amid a chorus of boos from the fans at how she won the match, but she didnít give a damn about that. She made sure to rub it in Janaís face as she sat up, further irritating the former champion as she was still kneeling after the low blow.

~ ~ ~

Laura Perelli © vs. CJ Cross - OverPowered Championship

CJ had a hard time even making it to the ring under his own power, as he headed down with his knee heavily wrapped. Medics came to make sure he wanted to do this, and he refused to not have the match. Christian even offered to postpone the match, but he wouldn't hear of it as he slowly climbed to the ring.

Laura came to the ring, and the referee checked with CJ again to make sure he still wanted to do this. Cross told him to ring the bell as he was struggling to get to his feet, and Laura took full advantage of that and immediately went after his left knee. She even mocked him a little asking him if he was sure as she worked it over in the early part of the match. IT wasnít until she went for a Sharpshooter that CJ managed to kick her off, and struggled to get up again. When she came back, he began firing shots with both fists and his good leg, bringing the crowd back into the match as a result. He did as much as he could on one leg, scoring three near falls on Laura in the process. But one mistake cost him, and she was able to take his knee out again and start back to work on it. She tore the bandaging off it to expose the injury. Perelli dragged him to the center and used an inverted figure four, causing Cross to shout in pain. The referee checked frequently if he wanted to stop the match. But CJ refused again and again. He tried to make it to the ropes, but didnít have the strength to get there. Still in the hold, the referee continued to check before stopping the match due to concerns for CJ's long term health.

Winner: LAURA PERELLI by referee stoppage at 23:55

Medical personnel went to check on CJ, who was starting to come around as Laura raised her title aloft proudly to very little love from the crowd as the Havoc supershow faded off the air.

Havocís eleventh edition returns to the Gill Coliseum in Portland, Oregon on February 28th! Follow @WhatsUpCK for more news!

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