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Havoc #25 - Power Play
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Location: Portland, Oregon
September 11, 2020

The show begins with a video package showing the highlights heading into both the OverPowered and Havoc Championship matches. We also see the long-standing issues between Maxine Murphy and Damon Xalvador, as well as the victims of the attacks in recent weeks. After that, the show opens live and Christian is standing on the stage. He lets everyone know that he is barring both Keegan and Jessica from each other’s matches to ensure a fair match, and introduces both of the aspiring ring announcers who will be each introducing a match tonight. Trinity Stowers and Mia Fallon get a warm welcome from the crowd, and Christian lets everyone know that the show is about to start.

Maxine Murphy vs. Damon Xalvador - No Holds Barred

As soon as the match begins, Damon tells Maxine he will be willing to forgive her and let her leave the ring unscathed as long as she admits how turned on she is by him. Maxine looks up to him, and then starts to get down on her knees in a suggestive manner. Damon starts to grin before she low blows him to a pop from the crowd. And the fists start flying from there as the furious Maxine finally gets to unleash weeks and weeks of anger on the big man. She manages to keep him off his feet for the first few moments, and lands multiple blows to the head and body. When she went for a big boot to his jaw, that’s when he caught her foot and started working over her knee by driving it into the mat. He targeted it almost the entire time until the blonde managed to catch him with a jawbreaker to stun him. She rolled out of the ring, and hobbled to get herself a weapon: a chair. When she came back into the ring with it though, he was back up and stepped on it to stop her. He resumed where he left off, pounding her down to the mat and even wrapping the chair around her bad knee. When he went to curb stomp the chair, she avoided it and got away. But a reverse DDT into it after he set it up knocked her out, and he scored the pinfall.

Winner: Damon Xalvador by pinfall at 12:22

After the big man left the ring, Maxine began to get to her feet to a pop from the crowd. And she soon realized that even though she came up short, she had won over all the OW fans as they chanted her name, which brought a smile to her face.

~ ~ ~

Max Ironside vs. Coral Rose

Max got a very warm response from the crowd in his first match back in a while, which was quite the opposite of Coral. As soon as the bell rang, Coral tried to frustrate him by waning to take more time to stretch and warm up. He finally got tired of that and went after her, but she pulled the referee in front of her and jammed a thumb in his eye over their shoulder. That gave her the opening she wanted, and she immediately went to work. Her focus seemed to be on his good arm, which punished with a variety of arm bars, looking for a submission more than once. But Max wasn’t the type to give up, not after all of this. And he gamely fought back, taking control of the match after countering a hammerlock with a headbutt to her face. He opened up with even more offense after that, and kept her reeling for several minutes. She tried to mount a comeback, but Max nailed his facebreaker knee smash for the pin and the win.

Winner: Max Ironside by pinfall at 14:18

Lukas Fancher, Max's manager, was seen at ringside applauding his client on his victory. Coral spotted him, and used a spinning backfist to his jaw t osend him down to the floor. Max went out after her, but she darted up the ramp to a chorus of boos from the fans.

~ ~ ~

Aludra Interviews PATIENCE

It’s clear pretty quickly that Aludra is a little nervous around the seemingly unstable Patience, who tells her she’s not been happy with her performance in OW so far. She talks about business matters not being her forte, and she’d rather just hurt much as possible. So she promises a surprise on the next Havoc, and has an open contract for anyone to meet her then.

~ ~ ~

Anna Cortez vs. Summer WARRIOR PRINCESS vs. Nixie “Mayhem” Caine vs. Aubrey Neilson
Winner Earns A Havoc Championship Match

Nixie doesn’t even wait for the bell to ring before she goes after Summer right off the bat. Clearly she was anxious to do some damage. She and Summer start exchanging blows, and Summer gets the better of it at first. Her experience gives her the edge as she’s able to avoid a few shots, and return fire on Caine. As they trade blows in one corner, Aubrey and Anna seem wary of each other and show a more technical style in the other half of the ring. They go hold for hold at first until Aubrey gets the upper hand. She tries to win quickly with more than one small package, hoping to surprise the rookie but it doesn’t work. Things get a little more heated at that point, and they really start exchanging blows. The fight is broken up when Anna looks for a top rope elbow but gets shoved off the turnbuckle by Nixie. Summer tries to pick up where Anna left off on Aubrey, but finds the blonde had found her second wind and the fight picked up once again. Caine watched the proceedings as Anna tried to pull herself together after her tumble to the floor. As both Summer and Aubrey were getting to their feet, that’s when Nixie took them both down with a double bulldog. She tried to cover both without success though, only getting twos until Anna hit the ring again and took her down with a spear. She went for the cover, only for Summer to break that up. Another fight began at that point while Nixie reached into her boot for something. When Neilson was trying to get upt, it was clear Nixie had a pair of handcuffs that she used on Aubrey. As the veteran tried to get free, Nixie attacked both Summer and Anna with a clothesline and spinning heel kick that sent them both to the floor again. She turned back to Aubrey, and caught her with her RIP-Tire finisher. Neilson couldn’t avoid it, and Nixie got the pin.

Winner: Nixie Caine by pinfall at 13:1

Laughing at Aubrey, she dangled the key in front of her face as she lay on the mat. Telling her if she wanted out, she’d have to go find the key before throwing it into the crowd. But her cackling and laughter was ended when Summer and Anna dove back into the ring to go after her. Caine escaped the ring and made a booboo face at the other three as she backed up the ramp and burst into laughter again.

~ ~ ~

Jana Rikar vs. “The Lioness” Elizabeth Lannister

It was quite clear that Jana was one of the most beloved people on the roster, given the response she got. But as she warmed up and waited for her opponent, that’s when Elizabeth’s manager appeared at the top of the ramp. He informed Jana that she would not be facing Elizabeth tonight because Lannister had no interest in fighting her twice in the same month. And that she’d save embarrassing her for their match in FFW. He also told her that if she wanted a fight though, he could arrange that and started heading for the ring. Jana had a smirk on her face, inviting Kyle into the ring before Violet Vale hopped over the barricade and jumped her from behind. She clobbered her with her Vanquisher finisher, and smiled to Kilmeade before he raised her hand to boos.


Violet counted her own three count, and let everyone know now she has two wins over Jana as a result. Then asked when she was getting a title shot. She shook hands with Kyle before they left the ring together.

~ ~ ~

The first of the ring announcer tryouts began here as Trinity did the introductions. She did a very good job of it, making sure everything she said was clear and had the right tenor. The redhead was dressed in a fairly revealing outfit, which wasn’t like most ring announcers you’d ever see. Pleased with herself, she headed to the back.

Jessica Jones © vs. “War Queen” Leah
For the Havoc Championship

Leah went after Jessica immediately, and had the entire crowd behind her as a result. She swarmed the blonde in the corner, and pounded her down like a railroad spike into the canvas. It was obvious Leah was looking for a knockout. She was about to catch her with a knee strike until the champion rolled out to the floor to break her momentum. But Leah went after her, not letting her have a moment’s rest. She chased her around the ring, and Jessica caught her when she rolled in first and dropped an elbow to the challenger as she followed her. She hammered her repeatedly, aiming for the head when she went for a piledriver. A near fall followed, and Jessica did everything in her power to keep Leah off her feet. At one point in the match, she removed a turnbuckle pad and tried to use a snake eyes on Leah. But the challenger avoided the contact, and countered with a neckbreaker instead. The two traded momentum throughout the match, and Leah was about to go for her punt kick when Jessica was kneeling in the corner. But she missed when Jones moved, using a drop toe hold to send her head first into the exposed turnbuckle from earlier. She rolled her up with a big handful of tights to retain the title.

Winner: Jessica Jones by pinfall at 21:09

Jessica snatched her title, and bolted out of the ring up the ramp. Leah got back to her feet, touching the blood on her forehead where it struck the exposed corner. Jones clutched her title against her body like someone was trying to yank it away, looking back into the cold angry eyes of the “War Queen.”

~ ~ ~

Mia came out for her tryout next, and took a moment to hype the crowd up a little more by talking with them for a moment and telling them she hoped they liked how she did it. But as she began, she started having mic troubles. The sound kept cutting out on her, and her voice was being distorted somehow. She finished the introductions with a confused look on her face before the show cut away a moment to see Trinity leaving the production truck and then right back to the ring.

CJ Cross vs. Laura Perelli

This was a far more technical match than any of the previous ones, thanks to Laura taking control early. Knowing CJ liked to run and fly, she did everything she could at the outset to stop that from happening. After getting him down to the mat, she used a variety of offensive moves  aimed at his back and shoulders. She gave the audience a shrug before going back to work. More than once she tried to make him quit, but Cross refused to do that. He started fighting back not long after that, using elbow strikes to keep Laura at bay. He finally made it back to his feet, but moved much slower because of the back pain he was still feeling. The kicks started coming into play next, and he rattled Laura more than once. A yakuza kick followed by a facebuster netted him a two count, and then he started heading up to the top rope. Unfortunately he was too slow due to his back, and Laura countered with an electric chair to bring him down. She went for the cover after that, still only getting a two count.  When trying for her scissored armbar finisher, CJ got to the ropes before she could get it fully applied. He surprised her as he got up with an European uppercut that sent her stumbling backwards before connecting with his enzuigiri finisher! He rolled her up after that for the pin and the win.

Winner: CJ CROSS by pinfall at 24:11

He told the camera the title was his, and Keegan better retain it because he wanted to beat him for it.

~ ~ ~

Aludra Interviews NIXIE ‘MAYHEM’ CAINE

Nixie was very proud of herself when Aludra talked with her, telling her how being smart is just as important as being violent in the ring. And she was both. She poked fun at the fact that Leah got defeated, and told everyone that wouldn’t happen to her. She also promised Jessica her next defense would be her last, because she wasn’t ever going to be ready for the “Mayhem” Nixie was going to bring.

~ ~ ~

Keegan Ryan © vs. Kitty Dark
For the OverPowered Championship

Keegan came to the ring first, and looked ready to go. When he saw Kitty come to the ring with crutches under her arms, he had a confused look as she told the crowd that she too was attacked tonight. But she was going to fight anyway. Keegan looked even more confused, making some wonder why he would be confused if he didn’t do it after all. But eh shrugged and waved her on. The bell rang, and he went right after her! But as soon as he did, she caught him with a flash kick to the face and tossed the crutches away. She grinned (like a cheshire cat) that she fooled him, and immediately unloaded with rights and body shots as he tried to get to his feet. The crowd was solidly behind her too as she used the corner to pound his face into the turnbuckles, all three of them before driving him into the mat with a double underhook DDT. A two count followed that, and Kitty went right back to work. She was going to use another DDT variant, but Ryan avoided it and countered with a Northern Lights suplex. Then he began to open up his offense. Trying to set up his curb stomp, most of his offense for four or five minutes was aimed at her head. But Kitty continued to show the veteran resilience she was known for. It looked like she was about to nail him with a roundhouse kick, but Keegan ducked and caught the referee instead.

Kitty cursed as soon as she saw it happen, and tried to revive the official until Keegan had recovered and kicked her between the legs. It was clear he was worn down, and he rolled out to the floor to retrieve a chair from under the ring. When he slid back into the ring, he jammed it into Kitty’s abdomen and then across her back. Feeling more confident now and seeing the official was still down, he slid it around her neck and backed up into the corner. It was obvious he was going for the curb stomp, but CJ hit the ring and pulled the chair off Kitty’s neck. Keegan went after him instead, and the two started trading shots. The referee was still down, and CJ was getting the better of the exchange. He went for a superkick, only for Keegan to pull a rising Kitty in front of him. She caught it flush before the referee was starting to move, and Ryan went for the cover. CJ’s jaw dropped, realizing what he had done as the referee counted three.

Winner: KEEGAN RYAN by pinfall at 17:19

Keegan took his title back as CJ got in his face, but that didn’t last long. Because it wasn’t long after that when Kitty was up, and she wasn’t the least bit happy about what happened. The champion rolled out of the ring before Kitty spun CJ around, and started reading him the riot act for costing her the title. She took a deep breath, holding up her hands as if to calm herself down. She then blew him a kiss and dropped CJ with her jumping knee strike. She looked back up to Keegan on the ramp, now joined by his girlfriend as they both grinned with glee before sharing a lurid kiss when Power Play faded off the air.

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