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Havoc #1
« on: October 11, 2019, 09:22:33 pm »

Live from the Yakima SunDome in Yakima, Washington
October 11, 2019

Paid Attendance: 1964 fans

The show opens with Christian letting the fans know that there has been a change to tonightís card. He explains Agustin Gates tried to hold him up for more money than they agreed to, a lot more. And rather than give into his demand, he told him his services were no longer required.. As a result, Tamryn Tirico will have a different opponent to be announced later tonight on the show. He thanks everyone here tonight for coming out, and says itís time to let the HAVOC begin.

Winners Advance To A Fatal 4 Way For the Havoc Championship

Piper Whitlock vs. Jazmin Davis

Jazmin wasted no time in trying to bring the fight to Piper as soon as the bell ring. She relied on her speed and aerial tactics to bring the Graptor down early, and went for knockout shots whenever possible. DDTs seemed to be her favorite as well as fierce kicks, as she went for several near falls until Piper came back. And thatís when the power game came into play. Piperís strength overwhelmed Jazmin as she was thrown around the ring. And it was her elevated chickenwing facebuster that sealed the deal to send Piper into the title match.

Winner: Piper Whitlock by pinfall at 21:18

Morgan Reid vs. Keegan Ryan

Morgan showed a lot of heart in this match, especially since she had the added curveball of Jessica Jones being in Keeganís corner. It turned into a handicap match as Keeganw could throw her out to the floor, let Jessica work her over as he distracted the referee, and rinse and repeat. Despite his best efforts though, he was having trouble putting her away. She started to come back about six minutes into the mat with a renewed fire. She nearly caught him more than once with a three count till a blindside shot from Jessica the referee didnít see helped Keegan drop her with his curb stomp for the pin.

Winner: Keegan Ryan by pinfall at 17:44

The pair had barely gotten up the ramp before Morgan attacked Jessica, devolving into a brawl between the two before Keegan helped his girl. Security finally broke it up, pulling everyone apart and regaining order before the next match.

Chance Kennedy vs. Leah

In what was one of the sleeper matches on the show. Chance and Leah put on a showstopper performance together. It was clear early that both women wanted to advance to the title match, and they went hold for hold for nearly 20 minutes. The tide swung back and forth between them, and it was Leahís skills that started to dominate. Leah was every bit the striker until a jumping knee strike missed, giving Chance to bring her technical skills into play. Chance managed to work over Leah, and pull her into a dragon sleeper ultimately. Just as it looked as though she were going to tap, Leah managed to find the ropes. The match continued from there with the War Queen catching Chance with a superkick. She threw the W up to the crowd, and connected with her finisher, DROP THE BOMB, for the pin.

Winner: Leah by pinfall at 27:23

Diamond Caldwell vs. Ceithre Brennan

Much like the match before it, this was also one of the sleeper matches that surprised a lot of fans with how long it went. Diamond took advantage early with her high flying moves. She kept the veteran, Ceithre, off balance and collected more than one near fall. But it was Ceithre who finally turned the tables after a counter out of a facebuster with an Alabama slam. Brennan brought her striking game to the forefront, and punished Caldwell with kicks on almost every part of her body. It put Diamond on defense, and a spinning roundhouse kick nearly knocked her out. Brennan almost got a three, and headed for the corner to put her away. Diamond ended up shoving Ceithre into the referee, causing them to bump heads and allow her to connect with a low blow into a small package. She got herself a handful of tights to ensure the win.

Winner: Diamond Caldwell by pinfall at 22:43

Ceithre pulled herself together, and tried to tell the dazed referee what happened, but Caldwell jumped her again before she had the chance. A package piledriver put the redhead down, and a 450 off the top followed. She told her to kiss her ass, and headed up the ramp. The fans cheered for Ceithre as she got to her feet, glaring daggers towards Diamond in the ring.

~ ~ ~

10 Minute Intermission

~ ~ ~

Tamryn Tirico vs. Opponent TBA

There was some confusion here as the announcer called out Tamryn more than once, but she never showed up. After the third attempt, thatís when Tamryn arrivedÖ. being dragged by her arm unconscious and bloody by someone the fans would recognize as Becca Raze. She got nothing but boos as medical staff went to help the unconscious Tamryn. Becca got in the ring, and dared anyone who wanted a fight to come to the ring. She didnít have to wait long before Max Ironside headed down to the ring in his gear. Becca seemed amused, and asked if this was the best they had. Her amusement got her knocked on her ass with a dropkick before she swept his legs and started unloading on him. Max fought from his back as security came to get them apart. As they separated, Becca spat in his face before she was pulled to the back. Max calmed down, and took the microphone to let her know anytime she wanted an actual match, he was easy to find.

No Contest

Winner Receives a future OverPowered Championship Match

CJ Cross vs. Jana Rikar vs. Bethany Driver

The crowd was split three ways, it seemed, for this match. CJ started the action quickly by going after Bethany right from the start. The two traded blows and shots, as Jana bided her time and let them have at it. But as soon as CJ went for a cover, Jana was there to stop it. Then the two women started ganging up on him, and taking turns with chops in the corner. CJís chest was blood red before they were done, and they continued to work as a tag team. When he took a spill to the outside, the women went nose to nose as they started talking a lot of smack to each other (mainly Bethany). When they started going at it, the crowd got loud once again. Bethany and Jana spent the match trying to outwork the other. Rikar tried to ground her more than once, and Bethany seemed hellbent on dropping her on her head as often as she could. When Driver went for a cover, CJ came back to break it up before they started exchanging blows. He finally put her down briefly, only to have a revived Jana bringing the fight to him. All three traded blows in the final moments until Jana caught CJ with her finisher, got curb stomped by Bethany during the cover, and then she nailed her finisher on CJ to get the pin. He kicked out to her shock, and she hit it a second time to finally put him away and get the title shot.

Winner: Bethany Driver by pinfall at 29:19

OverPowered Championship Match

Elizabeth Lannister © vs. Laura Perelli

After weeks of waiting, the brunette finally got her shot and took the fight immediately to Elizabeth. The champion got thrown around with a variety of suplexes. Perelli worked on her back, and had the crowd entirely behind her the whole match. An attempted DDT saw Elizabeth hook the top rope, letting the challenger hit the mat instead. Lannister took over from there, going to work on Lauraís arm. From snapping it across the apron to wrapping it around the ringpost, Elizabeth worked hard to severely damage Lauraís right arm. She attempted severll armbar submissions, but Laura didnít quit. At the 20 minute mark, Elizabeth began to get frustrated and snatched up her title to head to the back as the referee counted her out. But she didnít get far before Bethany appeared at the top of the ramp to stop her. She walked her down to the ring again as Laura pulled the referee to stop her from counting Elizabeth out, since she couldnít win the title that way. While she did, Lannisterís manager threw a chair towards Driver. She caught it, and Elizabeth collapsed to the floor as if she were shot despite not being touched. The referee turned back to see the champion down with Bethany standing over her with the chair, and called for the bell. Bethanyís face flashed red as she told the referee what happened, while Elizabeth was heading up the ramp with her title. Driver was about to go after her with the weapon until Laura got in her face, angry that she got involved at all. A shoving match began after that, which turned into a fight briefly until the referee separated them. By this point, Elizabeth and her manager had escaped to the back. And neither Bethany nor Laura was happy.

Winner: Elizabeth Lannister by disqualification at 32:44

~ ~ ~

Havoc comes to Boise, Idaho on October 25th at the CenturyLink Arena. The main event will crown the first Havoc Champion in a fatal four way! Make sure you follow @whatsupck on Twitter as the rest of the card is announced.
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